Physique's The Real Deal for Curls Review

You know those ads for gel or mousse or shampoo that say they can tame your curls? Well, so far they've all been a bitter disappointment. Then along came Physique's curl defining series... Back to Article

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OBEY_kayy:) wrote:
2013-04-13 19:01:28 -0700

my hair is curly but wgen i wash iy and blow dry it its fluffy

-CamrynT- wrote:
2013-04-13 18:42:55 -0700

I have naturally curly hair. (:

purplezebra1235 wrote:
2012-04-17 14:31:55 -0700

I got wavey hair...

epic2011 wrote:
2012-04-17 14:11:30 -0700

Must look really nice though

Danny55 wrote:
2012-04-17 14:06:16 -0700

i got natural curly hair but it is sometime anoying

epic2011 wrote:
2012-04-17 13:11:32 -0700

I wish I had naturally curly hair :P
but I'd hate to have frizzy hair

Live2Dance22 wrote:
2012-01-10 17:33:57 -0800

I have frizzie hair. I'll check this out.. smile

Makiee wrote:
2012-01-10 17:32:31 -0800

Embarrassed I wanna see the frizzie haired you :3

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twyla215 posted in Family Issues:
"just for fun" wrote:Dear Dash-It and Friends,(this is my sissys account..we both use it)I'm a girl of course.. And I've got 13 this july 03.. and the thhing is I don't feel like my growth is perfect for my age! I'm really skinny.. I like being skinny! 'Cause my body looks great! And any boys could be impressed by my body! ;)My hight is only 4'8!! A 13 years old girl is only 4'8!! yeah I feel really sad! As for my cousin she's 5'3 and she's skinny too but she's tall!! I feel bad when she bullies me..So Is there a quick way for me to get tall in 1 month?yes the white stuff is normal its dischargeAlso I haven't started my period. I get white gloomy stuffs that smells funny. And I haven't talked to my mom or anyone about it yet. I'm really ashamed..but is this normal?And I think my ###### are not normal for my "puny" I mean small height or body! Their growing and growing! Their size is 29!! I'm feeling guilty! Is there any exercises to make them smaller?Thats that help me....
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LollipopR posted in Style:
Longish light brown wavy hair with natural blonde streaks. It's natural i don't dye my hair
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I am homeschooled and a little bit lonely.....but I still have lots of friends. and great family!!
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ILMDGRL posted in Style:
I nearly always wear jean shorts. As for tops its normally whats handed to me, but I've got a job so I have some spending money :)
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