All About Gay Parents

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. So the story goes for men and women, but what about two women or two men who want a baby? Get the 411 on same-sex parents. Back to Article

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squirky wrote:
2014-01-06 04:57:41 -0800

will the baby be gay Frustrated

-Heartbreakkid- wrote:
2013-09-13 16:06:46 -0700

gay gay 868787

pokerdot152 wrote:
2013-08-17 12:53:50 -0700

I think you should do what you what to do its your life.......

K9companion wrote:
2013-08-16 16:12:52 -0700

I don't really care if people are gay, lesbian, bi or straight. I have gay friends and bisexual friends. It doesnt really change my mind about being their friends. I dont care what you are but as long as youre nice to me I'll be nice to you.

Yanna122596 wrote:
2013-08-16 09:26:05 -0700

Unless that person just so happens to be God.

Yanna122596 wrote:
2013-08-16 09:25:41 -0700

I think people should be whatever they want, it's not anyone's place to tell them they can't...

Yanna122596 wrote:
2013-08-16 09:25:00 -0700

I don't agree with "destiny-babygurl". No offense.

IceThatHockey107 wrote:
2013-08-16 08:12:56 -0700

People should have the right to love who they want and follow what there heart tells them. We are so misunderstood. Not being able to marry the one you love? C'mon people

destiny-babygurl wrote:
2013-08-16 07:37:15 -0700

well for christians they should know that homosexuality is wrong and it is against the bible. so that's is y i dnt really support gay mariage and gay couples but if they wonna b gay then that's them that's they life not mines so y should i care?

MZ.PRETTY21 wrote:
2013-08-16 06:26:27 -0700

So true

report wrote:
2013-08-16 04:50:38 -0700

same love n same gender if u love god ull probably understand y i dont support gayy marrige the rest i can deal with

pricake wrote:
2013-08-16 04:50:33 -0700

i think its wrong to be gay or lesbian and ithink gay or lesbian couples should not be allowed to adopt i wouldnt like to have two mums or two dads

rhonick wrote:
2013-08-16 04:42:23 -0700

Its all the same if u think about

report wrote:
2013-08-16 04:42:15 -0700

god created a man n a women to be together not men n men or women n women so i dont suport gay mariage i love gays cuz their funny but other then that i dont they should take it so serious they get married stay being bf and gf

rhonick wrote:
2013-08-16 04:41:48 -0700

My friends are gay and im cool with it i met his bff but really its still the same love

RobotGirl123 wrote:
2013-08-16 00:45:54 -0700

.... This is actually pretty useful Big Grin

macamile wrote:
2013-08-16 00:17:54 -0700

Sounds promising as long as they have rights I am fine with it because we are all human being smile

khykhy248 wrote:
2013-08-15 23:22:57 -0700

Lol my momma

Brookeee- wrote:
2013-08-15 23:21:45 -0700

I support too yanno ?

rhonick wrote:
2013-08-15 23:16:44 -0700

I support gays. Underneath its the same love as long as they keep each other warm

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Gay Parents - Right or Wrong?

  • It's okay to have gay people raising kids.
  • It's not right to have gay people raising kids.
  • I don't know.

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