That '70s Show Season Finale

When Eric gives Donna a promise ring it doesn't bring them closer - it makes them grow apart. Do Jackie and Kelso get back together? Find out how the season ends on That '70s Show. Back to Article

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jabat517 wrote:
2012-06-26 21:41:14 -0700

i love dat showsmile

TrueDaisy wrote:
2012-06-26 12:45:50 -0700

i love 70s show smile

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Do You Think Donna and Eric Will Get Back Together?

  • Yeah - they totally belong together.
  • Nope - It's done like dinner.
  • Donna will hook up with Fez instead.
  • Who cares? I want Hyde to get a girl.

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My fav old show is Thakurmar Jhuli
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Tyler5868 posted in TV Shows:
Bleach episode 3
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Neron posted in TV Shows:
I like The Legend Of Korra slightly better because that show took risks that were hardly taken in a show of its kind. It included a lot of mature themes and it really connects with today's older youth.
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LAZY778 posted in TV Shows:
"Team Audi #46" wrote:TLA definitely. I like the storyline and the characters. And hands down, Toph is the best Avatar series character ever. Personal opinion.  i agree with that as well Toph is pretty cool. But i like Katara better. 
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