Built to Cheat

It sucks when someone you're playing against is cheating. But what about when a company makes computers that are designed to cheat? ASUS did just that. Their video cards are brutally unfair. Back to Article

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Jeff123 wrote:
2013-02-03 23:53:44 -0800

You can't really be blaming a company that was more known to be making chips then hacking people. Blame the game for that. They'll give you some advantages once and a while. Might even be a glitch.

Jeff123 wrote:
2013-02-03 23:51:34 -0800

Let me give you the reality view. ASUS was greatly known for making computer chips as well some laptops. They were a wonderful company that sells chips that are just computer chips. Your post says they cheat in video games. Now, ASUS wouldn't be devious that much to be giving people Microsoft Visual C++'s would they. My reference is that I actually own and made the post with an ASUS computer.

KaylaSweet wrote:
2011-07-05 15:37:50 -0700

Sounds pretty cool to me. XD

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