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*NSYNC kicked off their PopOdyssey Tour with a lil' help from Lil' Romeo. U2's Elevation Tomb Raider video hits the tube and Madonna's Drowned World Tour goes HBO. Kidzworld's got it all. Back to Article

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mizzcuite wrote:
2011-03-12 00:39:41 -0800

this is boring srry &Wink

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What Would U Do For *NSYNC Tix?

  • I would clean the whole house for 3 months.
  • I would do the worst eating challenge on Survivor.
  • I wouldn't do anything cuz I already have a ticket - ha ha!
  • I would try to convince someone to trade for my BSB ticket.

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My favorite tv shows are Phineas and Ferb. American Idol, The Voice Philippines :)
reply about 3 hours
Anthani3 posted in Celebs:
I'd slap all just for being celebs then go back and say sorry to those I like
reply about 6 hours
taffypinkie16 posted in Celebs:
the pengembara stuck in the woods lol and he has to listen to out of the woods
reply about 8 hours
Anthani3 posted in TV Shows:
IKR first episode is my favorite
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NOLAbaby posted in Celebs:
Taylor Caniff Luke Hemmings Narry Cashew Lashton 
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