Blink-182 Contest

So you entered our Blink-182 contest, huh? Are ya just dyin' to find out if you won? Well, if you've been checkin' your email you know by now - all of you except one, that is... Back to Article

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Who Rocks the Hardest?

  • Mark Hoppus - He plays a wicked bass.
  • Travis Barker - Kick-ass tattoos.
  • Tom DeLonge - Mean vocals.
  • Aaron Carter - Huh?

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Hahaha she's right cx
reply 6 minutes
well maybe part of me
reply 9 minutes
-SPARTANII- looks like a music lover fun and really outgoing
reply 10 minutes
A gothic barbie xD
reply 11 minutes
May she comes from the barbie world.
reply 12 minutes