Nintendo Doesn't Share

Nintendo rocks. Their games are a hoot, their systems are a blast and everybody loves 'em, right? Not everyone. Nintendo isn't big on sharing with others. Check out what the big N is up to. Back to Article

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Fave Nintendo Game System?

  • I'm a Gamecube gamer.
  • I love my Wii!
  • Nintendo DS all the way!
  • Nintendo? No way - gimme a PS3, Xbox360 or my PC!

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Boysrock50 posted in Forum Games:
I fell over the chair I was sitting on before :P So I saw the floor first
reply about 2 hours
C) Neither A) Unicorn B) Pegasus
reply about 2 hours
The counter I slammed into. -.-
reply about 2 hours
74 ^_^
reply about 4 hours
48. Took a loooooooot of practise.
reply about 4 hours