Heelys Running Shoes with Wheels

With a pair of Heelys you can walk, run or roll almost anywhere you want. Check out the latest styles of these wheeled shoes. Back to Article

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12katie wrote:
2012-04-27 17:00:55 -0700

they are really dangerous

ShantiDances wrote:
2012-04-27 04:48:33 -0700

These were considered dangerous once

TheDomster45 wrote:
2012-04-25 18:40:27 -0700

lol those r whack

Mr.Historian wrote:
2012-04-25 18:36:16 -0700

come on really just walk

slik.wit.it_2069502 wrote:
2012-04-25 18:36:05 -0700

i got some of des on right now lol

quandra*bhadd_2021551 wrote:
2012-04-25 18:31:54 -0700

Thiss Crapp Iss Gaee !! I Findd It Veryy Dumbb !!

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Where Do You Wear Heelys?

  • The mall - to get away from security guards.
  • All you can eat buffets - so you can get to the food first.
  • To get away from my sister after she realizes I read her diary.
  • I wear 'em everywhere!

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