The NBA Draft

Five guys go from high school to the pros, White Chocolate leaves Sacramento and a Spanish giant named Pau gets ready to head south. Those were the storylines from the 2001 NBA draft. Back to Article

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Going from High School to the NBA Is... ?

  • Great - who needs college when you can make millions?
  • Bad idea - players should go to college first.

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reply about 8 hours
barca and man utd suck d and Manchester city is a lot better
reply about 13 hours
What u people think I think Manchester city or Chelsea
reply about 13 hours
I am a Manchester city fan so I think man city is gonna win✌✌✌
reply about 13 hours
Minecraft77 posted in Basketball:
I think the cavaliers have a good chance but I think it will come down to the Oklahoma City Tunder and the Indiana Pacers. I hope the Thunder win, Kevin Durant deserves a ring
reply about 13 hours