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What Anime Do You Like The Most? :3 And What VOCALOID Do You Like The Most? :3

Posted about 2 hours ago by xXOtakuXx
I'm Just Wondering What Animes You Guys Like The Most? My Favourite Is Lucky Star!!!!!!!! ...
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Why I Love Star V.s The Forces Of Evil!!

Posted about 5 hours ago by unicornsrule626
Well, the title tells it all. 1: she has an upbeat positive attitude 2: she is a magical princess (awesomeness already!)not a...
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First Blog Post!

Posted about 17 hours ago by Rainwolf002
Hi! Whats up? So this 'blog' and these 'posts' are just going to be my thoughts are whatever. So if you don't like this then t...
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Posted about 18 hours ago by pancake10
undertale is great but some times the people in the fandom are idots
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Things I Don't Like About Animal Jam

Posted about 21 hours ago by Bebblepebble
Does anyone play Animal Jam here? I do and there are a few things I really dislike about the game. The fist thing is that when...
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My Personal Quotes

Posted 1 day ago by XZoeylol012X
When you find yourself cocooned in isolation and cannot find you're way out of the darkness remember that this place is similar...
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Posted 1 day ago by H3LLSCRIVVER
No one goes quietly...... In the final instalment of the Walking the Mad Mile trilogy.....having Defeated Laughing Jack and Lim...
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my bffs and friends x

Posted 1 day ago by Paigel10
my friends ad bffs are the best things that have happened to mean the two i shall pickis 12twasley and tommysgirl14 and iw ill ...
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My life

Posted 1 day ago by lavagirls
I was singing since I was 3 or 4.....at the age of 6 I was writing songs about anything I saw before me now I right songs about...
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Posted 1 day ago by great26
my mother fighting rules are first donot sepeak worng to any one but any one first speak wrong to you donot leave him.
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