halal jokes of the day (muslims jokes)

Posted 7 minutes ago by Cupcakesss123
muslim girl: smile its sunnah :) muslim guy: wear hijab its fardh i know this isnt funny at all i tried searching on...
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chat room

Posted about 1 hour ago by Superkitty419
people in the chat room use other people's real names instead of gamertags, i tell them to stop but they don't. why must they b...
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Posted about 1 hour ago by rainicornlover
If you have any questions #AskRainicorn
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No words left for myself

Posted about 5 hours ago by Candiegirl
It hurt to say But you were right I have no life My life is only pain I'll never know happiness So hated I am Their love is fak...
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How to Train Your Dragon 2

Posted about 6 hours ago by nice228
Today i went 2 the state theater. I watched how to train your dragon 2. it was sad like how hiccup's dad died and when toothles...
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about me

Posted about 8 hours ago by epicgoose100
i am new and i kinda wanna learn more comment  you wanna help me on the i will tell you more about me and my life. i am...
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Things about me 。◕ヮ◕。

Posted about 8 hours ago by Momoko-
•(ㅅ)• I like sweets such as chocolate and cake.  •(ㅅ)• My favorite fruit is the strawberry •(ㅅ)• I enjoy simple, calm and rel...
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top of the pops tusday

Posted about 8 hours ago by Doodlewoo
hi guys welcome to top of the pops im with my 2 friends cat crazy and bugsy malone so it is time to do the 5 best pop songs ...
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Posted about 12 hours ago by Paw-
I've been tired, fidgety, and anxious.  I find myself thinking a lot. Yesterday I snapped and nagged away at everyone. It's no...
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Secret #3

Posted about 12 hours ago by trinityac
Im Bisexual. My parents would flip out if they read this XD. They think I'm a regular person who support gay rights but I'm act...
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