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Introduction to Me

Posted about 5 hours ago by Always728
Hey! I'm Always728. My life gets a little mixed-up sometimes, but that's okay. It means I can share it all with you. I wanted t...
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Roblox Lovers

Posted about 19 hours ago by ImNotCool123
FOR PEOPLE WHO ONLY LOVE ROBLOX READ THIS: There are millions of ROBLOX Groups in KW. Why not join them? Some people say no bec...
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Posted 1 day ago by JessieJones
Don't you love Christmas. Some people do, some people don't. The important thing is that we care and be thankful for one anothe...
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Oh No

Posted 1 day ago by ThatRandomChick719
Okay, I really enjoy this blogging feature, so I'm going to take advantage of it and use it to talk about my life, I have been...
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myself and i

Posted 1 day ago by ItsHer
hey im maddie! im very gorgeous btw . im kind and generous i have imvu : fennecy1 add me i want nice friends im tired of bei...
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Awkward story! Help!

Posted 2 days ago by 123numbers
Ok so one normal day this boy and two other boys asked me if I was dating anyone. I squeaked "I'm not". Then the two boys said ...
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Posted 2 days ago by SnowflakeAngelKitten
Hey everyone, I was just thinking of how much I think about role-playing at school. Today I was thinking what I'd role-play in ...
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Posted 2 days ago by ThatRandomChick719
I totally changed this blog due to technical difficulties. So I'll just talk about school really quickly. It's stressful. It...
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Smiles Are Contagious

Posted 2 days ago by ThatRandomChick719
Hi there! I haven't posted a blog on here before, but I thought "Hey, why not? I like blogging." And besides, I have a little ...
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Posted 2 days ago by ValorFan9
I am feeling MUCH better today! Having lots of fun with my friends at school! So happy my sickness is passing!
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Opinion On Donald Trump?

When is your birthday?

I really need help with my first period!!