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Posted 42 minutes ago by ksinger
thers this boys I like and I show him a lot and he in my leadership class and we only have two weeks left and I want to show hi...
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Confessions of a 13 year old girl

Posted about 1 hour ago by sprinkleofdanny
I'm 13 now! Like I said, I have posts planned but not right now. Sorry! x
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Posted about 23 hours ago by ksinger
to meet new people who need people's help
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Telus Walk to Cure Diabetes!

Posted 1 day ago by eabeauregardtheauthor
We've had a JDRF campaign to cure Diabetes for a month now, and walk happens today! Lets see how much money has been raised!
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My YouTube Channel

Posted 1 day ago by Dat_Boi
So, Recently on my Channel Ive Ran out of Music to use for my Channel! So if you have a Song i could use, Tell me and I will us...
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Posted 1 day ago by ValenciaRose
future seems bleak. the older i get the younger i want to be. life's moving quickly. i'm left behind. - i know no one's gon...
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What is your phobia?

Posted 2 days ago by theangelsskull
What is your phobia? Mine is: I have a fear of infinity or/and a fear of a never ending lightness(?) or darkness (i just have a...
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This week will be awesome!!

Posted 2 days ago by Rose678
So this week we (two of my sisters and I) are going to a church camp for the first time ever!! I am so amazingly excited about ...
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Say Anything

Posted 2 days ago by Pineapplesonthebeach123
Summer Sucks and Rules at the SAME TIME! Hey Guys! See, now that it is summer, there is yay's and nah's. There is always a good...
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Posted 2 days ago by TosinB
The one thing we cant do without is God because with him nothing shall be impossible and he his our creator. So kids lets take ...
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solve these


Would u date the person above you ? xD

solve these

Would u date the person above you ? xD

Would u date the person above you ? xD

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Would u date the person above you ? xD