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New Girl?

Posted about 15 hours ago by ValenciaRose
There's a new girl in my class. She inspired me to write some poems and I don't understand why she wants to be friends with me ...
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Posted about 19 hours ago by smileypoo
some ppl on this site can b pretty mean
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DanTDM on tour!

Posted about 20 hours ago by MCFrogster
Anyone else going to see DanTDM on tour live! I am, sooo hyped and if you are going hope you are too, I got VIP tickets so I g...
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My Life

Posted about 22 hours ago by Pretty_Minnie
Hello my name is Kourtney. I'm 13. I like country Music. I am currently Taken but looking for an online BF. Friend me if bisexu...
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Posted 1 day ago by smileypoo
if ya wanna chat im up to it, dont b shy
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Posted 1 day ago by Baby260
Okay. So..This is my first medal, it's bronze for blogs. Thank you moderators, for giving me the medal. P.S. I love posting bl...
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Posted 1 day ago by angel_godess
i have lots of friends on here i love them all they are amazing wish i could meet all of them in real life and hangout with the...
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Animal jam

Posted 1 day ago by popcorn97
Hey ppl im here to day and im going to tell u that i need more buddys on aj so if u comment ur user ill buddy u thx!
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Posted 1 day ago by Blogdog12
Today i had tween thers day and it was asam.
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When you are bored on the computer

Posted 1 day ago by wildhowl000
Here are a few things to do when you are bored on your computer: 1. Search your own name on google 2. search random memes 3. ma...
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