Winter Storm Juno

Posted about 11 hours ago by Mentally_Hilarious
So Juno huh? Pretty scary storm. In fact, school's closed Tuesday and Wednesday. And I had an appointment on Monday. So, I only...
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Music in general

Posted about 12 hours ago by SheerHeartAttack
There's this playlist on youtube I listen to a lot and it has a mix of pretty much anything. Sometimes I just get in a mood and...
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BF/GF Problems..

Posted about 14 hours ago by justimagine23
Hey if youneed some outsider insight on relationships come to me maybe i can help you with that. K bye!
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My Life

Posted about 15 hours ago by Foreveryours101
My life is really good and I just want to people around the world with there problems and be friends with everybody. I just wis...
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Bellamy and Lincoln

Posted about 17 hours ago by ky1a
the first time they met was when octavia knocked lincoln out when she felt indangerd then bellamy and the guys found her and li...
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I'm finding Peace!!

Posted about 20 hours ago by princess_surupa
Please gimme peace...I need it...Or watch me bleed..!
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Posted about 20 hours ago by Rishabh20
I M Mirror “Tum Mujhe Dekh Kar Hasoge To Mai Bhi Hasunga, Rowge To Mai Bhi Rounga, But Tum Mujhe Maroge To Mai Nahi Marunga Mai...
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Posted about 20 hours ago by Rishabh20
Ek Hassi Jo Hasa De Ek Ansoo Jo Rula De Ek Aarzoo Jo Jaga De Ek Chahat Jo Samjha De Her Aahat Jo Jaan Le Uss Rishte Ka Naam Hai...
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Posted about 21 hours ago by Rishabh20
R-roshni ka kho Jana A-andhera ho Jana A-aakhe band karke T-takiya lekarke so Jana
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Cutting Clinic Part 2

Posted about 21 hours ago by AmericanCowgirl
Clinic was great my horse Buddy was a pain but I expected that, hence why I sold him. Next Time I'm gonna take Red or Scooter
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