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Posted about 2 hours ago by cutezercool
it is very cloudy i love it when it is cloudy thank for reading
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Valentines Day.

Posted about 7 hours ago by -Beautxy
Happy Valentines day to the couples! I wish all of you have an awesome life together. I hope you'll enjoy your day together and...
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Posted about 14 hours ago by Dancer11AM
Heyo! You r probably wondering if I have any pets, or anything: IDO. What pet is he/she?: Dog, Pomeranian/corgi mix What is his...
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My day 2/5/16

Posted about 14 hours ago by Dancer11AM
Heyo! Today was our math calmination and the only person that should know what that is, is Sarah (dancer1sc). Oh, and maybe roc...
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Weekly Challenge

Posted about 19 hours ago by cynder2000
Life is hard and will not get easy. We may be brought down by words, but we stand strong. We all deserv a second change. But yo...
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K-I-S-S on the neck

Posted about 21 hours ago by fima
Hi S-U-P people. Well today as you can see the title is really different to any other. It all started when my mate told me she ...
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hey everyone

Posted about 24 hours ago by Stargirl113
hi everyone whats up i am kinda having a bad/great day its mixed up but i just about had enough with people bullying me
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Posted 1 day ago by reptilian
i like lizards a lot and if u don't like lizards then that will make me sads because i am liszrards and u don't want to hurt my...
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Posted 1 day ago by esthery27
so far so...boring..i just wish i could do something useful. but well, i guess i'll just have to be patient
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Posted 2 days ago by MandiLynn
If you are a dancer (ballet, tap, jazz, irish, cotemporary, other), friend me!
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