Posted about 3 hours ago by kbray02
so I have a friend his name is bob this is bob bob says hi u know the rest
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Posted about 4 hours ago by eligangser11
games r awesome if u like games like this or share it I expcely like the game minecraft it is a good game almost the best ga...
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my best friend

Posted about 4 hours ago by pandalove40
my best friend has been there for me when nobody else has.she stuck by me and was there for me when i was down and out she is...
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Be who u wanna be

Posted about 5 hours ago by Mollie16:)
Don't let others beat you down, stand up for what you believe and ignore those who bully you. If others think you are weird, so...
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Posted about 6 hours ago by Pa-mela365
the new movie and is going to be so cool oh ya!!!!
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Day two of the flu.

Posted about 7 hours ago by hiphopgirl555
Hi. So, today I'm just going to have this thing minimized and every half hour or so, I'll come back and say what I'm doing and ...
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Posted about 8 hours ago by ybscandace
hey y'alll i got one question yes or no if you like school and you think school is boring because i think school is boring but ...
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Posted about 9 hours ago by kellykelly45
hi kid boy and girls my name is mackenzie and i am here to talk bullying it is not right to bully any one even if they bullyed...
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my life

Posted about 10 hours ago by nevamind
sometimes in school i feel like i am different from the rest since am somehow quiet.i kno,some ppl hate quiet ppl bt u hv 2 un...
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Daddy-it hurts

Posted about 17 hours ago by PrincessAmelia
This is something which will make you step back for a moment, and think about an important social issue- My name is Chris, I a...
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