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Annoying pun of the day #1

I'm going to start a new bl...
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5 tips to make your monday better

Tip 1: Make plans for after...
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Chat room

Come into chat room!
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#6. Why I Like Nerve Cells

Ok, first off, I'm sorry. L...
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Sooo I've never written a b...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


I woke up and went to the bathroom and did my regular morning routine and I got on the computer and got on this site just play ...

Being Mixed

Posted 26 days by unbotheredniah


This is what people ask me because they see something about me or my life that indicates that im mixed.this question I get alot...


Posted 27 days by nightfound

Default girl

I'm so confused with literally everyone. All my friends keep excluding me and act like they don't wanna talk to me. The only ti...


so this is just a little intro of my school life a.k.a getting bullied .So Im a nice sweet goofy weird funny person but some pe...


Posted 27 days by Lavenderdaz


I love listening to songs! I need them!


Posted 27 days by Lavenderdaz


I love RP! It is the best! I love creating characters.

About me

Posted 28 days by Emma553


i am alone Love horror,Dark magic and shadow's.Nice I am...

Live To Be Alive.

Posted 28 days by kandorkei


I think everyone should be appreciative of how their life is, whether it is bad or the best life they are living. I feel that e...


Posted 29 days by rainbowpoptart


Do people actually read these? Please go do something better with your time, friend! I promise you, I'm not even remotely inter...


Hey everyone Lila here! I am starting a blog for Big sisters all around the kidzworld nation. For all of those annoyed big sist...

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