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the mall

Posted over 5 years ago by str8up_prettygrl_swaggin_1850277
grrrrrrrrrrrrl let meh tell you i am at the mall 24/7, swag walking, and getting them boyz. shop, shop, shop, time to shop. i ...
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Posted over 5 years ago by Flex6753
dont get your hopes up because sometimes you can get disapointed. i am not saying you have to be all emo but i just think you ...
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Posting All Week

Posted over 5 years ago by supahninjagirl
Heyz! Just like the title, I'll be posting all week! I didn't get to say anything about myself! I love posting things on the in...
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need a gf

Posted over 5 years ago by slugbug84
i need a gf
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Posted over 5 years ago by Amyy_12_1823657
okay today im in this tyouth center and in an animation class and its so boring somebody help me!!!!
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hey u its summer get the party started already!

Posted over 5 years ago by funpeacefulfunky
hey its me funpeacefulfunky we need to get our summer on! this is the season we all have been waiting or whats going on? im g...
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WARNING!! Cheerleading:) STAY AWAY FROM!!!

Posted over 5 years ago by Makiah
those of u who like girls so that your will to exept any females freind reqest your welcome to do that but dont exept Cheerlead...
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fine girls

Posted over 5 years ago by ababa21
you need advice for girls ask me tips i am not no jerry springer or whatever but i got pretty good advice
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Posted over 5 years ago by peanutbutter1115
OK so my post is about being random obviously lol! So you know what i love HOBO'S i mean how could you not like HOBO'S they are...
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puppys 4 dinner

Posted over 5 years ago by lil vampire 90210_1844883
lil vampire 90210_1844883
A snake had a good dinner bacuse it ate to lil helpless puppys 4 it's meal.Who would do that the snake should get killed and se...
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