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Posted about 6 years ago by vampireluvers
Ok so todays topic is about rollercoasters they are awsome.If you have ever been to Six Flags there is a new rollercoaster.It's...
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Question!Can Music change your mood?

Posted about 6 years ago by Princess_Rosebud2
Well, Can it?
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My birthdaty

Posted about 6 years ago by jayden008
Me and my sister had the best birthday ever. we had a candy table. food. live music dancing.
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comedy 1

Posted about 6 years ago by howler gaia_1864774
howler gaia_1864774
why did the chicken cross the road?um i really dont know that is why i am asking.oh oh oh wait i need to tell you guys somethin...
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Warrior Cats

Posted about 6 years ago by peaceloveicecream
Anyone love the series? Come and add me. It's awesome.
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summer days

Posted about 6 years ago by kyla-Q32_1785314
summer days are going fine.just miss ma mains.in this program because i wanted too n have soo much fun missing 4 that always ma...
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My Bestie Nyaja

Posted about 6 years ago by XxMrz.CherriesxX_1839861
Nyaja is a nice person she is my bffl and we will never be part from each other we are like sisters to each other......if i had...
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Posted about 6 years ago by pretty gorl rocker_1850469
pretty gorl rocker_1850469
umm heyy my first blog post have no idea what to say so blog or comment me back or whatever its called to tell me what to blog ...
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wat been happenin iv been off 4 awhile (unlike me)

Posted about 6 years ago by kierrapool12_1618804
missin u guys
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Me and my girlfriend

Posted about 6 years ago by KeithIsMe
I walk my girlfriend to the pool. "Get in," i say. "No, you!" she yells playfully. "No you!" i yell pretending to almost push h...
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