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I'm so confused with litera...
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1st post!

Hey everyone! So today I'm ...
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People and there words

so this is just a little in...
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I love listening to songs! ...
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I love RP! It is the best! ...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Posted over 6 years by CrazyRara909

Default girl

Doesn't everyone get bored atleast once or twice a day! Why can't everyone just be joyful all the time for once. I believe tha...


Posted over 6 years by lilfox92

Default girl

OREO® Caramel Clusters Prep Time:20 min Total Time:20 min Makes:20 servings, 1 cookie cluster each Ingredients: 28KRAFT Cara...

Love First

Posted over 6 years by HS Football Star


A Girl and a Guy were speeding over 100 mph on a motorcycle. Girl: slow down i am scared Guy: no this is fun girl: no its no...

comedy 8

Posted over 6 years by howler gaia_1864774


dog from last time=ruff ruff urff! (shh be quiet) howler=hey hey you dog get out! dog=rufffffffffffffffff...


Posted over 6 years by Zoeysha101


Hey have you ever been cheated on? I have and let me tell you it sucks. My first love had to break up with me because of parent...

Jazziee Doeee

Posted over 6 years by JazziePooh_1684779


Assk Mhee AhnyThinqq Ahndd I'll Bhee TruthFhull Whitt Chaa!

my brother and sister

Posted over 6 years by hayhay1234


brothers and sisters are really anoying but there family we forgive eachother they never play with you the more they get older ...


cyber bullies have no morals or sympathy for anyone i know this because one of my closest friends commited suicide cuz people w...


well to start most of the time im really bored but im a fun person i love to hang with friends and if u meet me i promise that ...


Posted over 6 years by darkskin12_1740840


i watched yugioh the movie was ok if yugioh i exoide the forebinden one he can kick kiba but

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