Posted about 4 years ago by just_add_water
just finished the coolest present for my big brother!!!! thats right i made it myself :P i hope he likes it and i hope he gets...
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lonley time on kidzworld

Posted about 4 years ago by OtArA_HaRd
r u lonley have no friendz 2 talk 2. well never fair ur new friend iz here. if u want a friend just come and ask me u should a...
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To: InvaderJIZ

Posted about 4 years ago by PftFan99
JIZ! We have a new board. The first Irkens In Distress was getting filled up so InvaderCAM made Irkens In Distress Part 2.You w...
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my soon to be boyfriend

Posted about 4 years ago by tanktop12
well i was spending the night at my friends house (her name is Ashley) and her brother was having a sleepover too (his name is ...
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my last day of school for 2010 day in nelson

Posted about 4 years ago by bridiogirl
hi guys as you all know i am new . today at scool my class room 4 also knowen as peolrus went to nelson for the day we went ...
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Posted about 4 years ago by webkinzrule24
I LOVE BABY ANIMALS!!!!! They are so cute my favorite baby animals are baby pandas,baby puppies,baby bunnies,baby kittens and m...
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boy trouble

Posted about 4 years ago by musicbowlpeace13
I like a boy and he likes this other girl. I have no clue why he likes her because she talks like a boy and looks like one. But...
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Posted about 4 years ago by skygirl422
School today was so...ugh. There was nothing to do. I had to take the Benchmark. My math class was dragging on...on...and on. S...
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Posted about 4 years ago by branbran003
wat up my holme skilltet dillet willet biquits. Wat up. im jus sayin have you ever been in an embarrisin moment. That's wat i t...
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sometimes i cant take life

Posted about 4 years ago by vampirekid_1657683
you get what am saying right? you just wish you just lay down and cry a little and than just go to sleep and not wake up. or at...
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