boy issues

Posted about 4 years ago by babi cakes
babi cakes
i have a HUGE situation i am in the middle of liking two boys at once and one i flirt with during skool and one i dont really t...
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School and community contests

Posted about 4 years ago by twilightfreak100
Hey there! sorry i havent posted for awhile! so today i heard about his new contest my school district is having and it is so c...
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Posted about 4 years ago by aniyagolden
thanksgiving is for thanks sitting around the table and eating turkey and potatoes and yams and greens the pilgrams landed on p...
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Posted about 4 years ago by Whatchamacallit17_1637368
so here i am in school then this mean gurl on my bus just snatches my best friends jasmine phone just to read her txt pretty st...
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Posted about 4 years ago by 7myrtle
:-) :grin :) :( :/ :vampire :hippe :angry :s
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swam right into the deep end :)

Posted about 4 years ago by iluvmrmen
hi ppl as u may know i go swimming on wednesdays well this one was the best lesson i ever had! well i was im 150cm of water. in...
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Posted about 4 years ago by defosparkly♥_1638261
it sucks, you know. when everything is doing fine then, it all crashes again? and the worst part is, I really don't want to ...
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uhhh speking my mind

Posted about 4 years ago by annaleecross
I thought emo people like me where suppose to be quite and mysterious but as soon as someone figures out and try's to change yo...
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this girl!

Posted about 4 years ago by lilbaby-tay
this iritatuing girl getz on my last nerve she dont say nuthin and she a hairy piece of crap also she lukz like a gorilla and g...
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at school

Posted about 4 years ago by Kato1570
hi cant belive that the school actualy alows this website yay! i am at school with my best friend lola she is soo cool! and she...
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Do YOU believe in SANTA?-moved

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