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Join my roleplay!

Hi everyone,how are you? Re...
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kuwtk should Khloe leave Thompson?

hit me up
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A lot of people have been a...
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Modded SNES Classic!

Hey guys! I'm Aaron! Today ...
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My Life

I'm sixteen going on sevent...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

This day

Posted almost 7 years by littlemisstween501_1806772


Ok I met a new friend.. I think he is sweet and cute :)) haha he is not taken.. Lol! So yeah..I hope if he reads this he will n...

Troubles ,

Posted almost 7 years by NerdyGurlz_1765954


I'm having troubles with my friends. Trinity and Sophia. Trinity is taking Sopia away from everybody so I am not her friend....


Posted almost 7 years by kittykat254_1556995


Summer is awesome!

Friday June 10 6:16

Posted almost 7 years by gracieann3_972359


I just woke up, I slept in for a long time. I got another comment on my parody video. No replies to my newest sining video. We ...

Default girl

I was watching americas got talent the other night and there was this girl who looked exzactly like JB and she tried to sing Ba...

how i feel

Posted almost 7 years by joniesha1999_1781126


might be ........grumpy but im beautiful ....................... dats just me........ and i love mii haters MYy NaMe mUsT TASt...

do you like justin beiber???

Posted almost 7 years by vampire_lover


i hate him i love him wich iz it

Default girl

Well Percy is a boy who was living a normal life until his sub teacher on his feild trip scared the crap out of him going aafte...


Posted almost 7 years by kioloser


Boyz love me so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am such a nice person to be around so be my BF plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...


Fwah fwah :D I don't know :D Umm :D Okay.. Umm... OH HETALIA WTF IS GOING ON WIth YOU HUMMM??? :D When are they going to ma...

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