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starting a blog!!!

Posted 27 days ago by selfie76
i love to read and write so this is a good way to show my writing i can't wait to start this blog and well start writing blogs...
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marvel movies and tv series

Posted 27 days ago by boyscoutuk11
I love all marvel tv series and movies. I want to start a blog about them and each day i will put a new bit on the blog about w...
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my life

Posted 27 days ago by babycindy04
Hey! I'm Olivia! Here's a crash course on me: I've got black hair, who is trying to make it in high school y8. It's not goin...
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Election talk-Pt. 1!

Posted 28 days ago by shimmerswimmer252
Tomorrow is the election!!!!! I can't believe it!! If you are reading this, who do you want to win? Donald or Hilary? Of course...
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Who r u voting for?

Posted 28 days ago by CoolDude19
Guess what? Its election frikking day! Im so excited to see whos the the next president. On the other hand, im probably going ...
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Posted 28 days ago by CreepyCreepy64
hi i just joined
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Skipped School Today

Posted 28 days ago by harlei
Heh, I skipped school today lelelelel. I just didn't really feel like going out. I felt so annoyed and angry, so my mom thought...
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my life

Posted 29 days ago by TheyCraveKay
My life is a total roller coaster, First i am the only girl in my family ,second it like every 5 mins im at practice , i AM A F...
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i love pokemon go

Posted 29 days ago by seb59
i love pokemon go
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I hate

Posted 29 days ago by Dancer11SC
Hey guys! I hate myself so I wnt to dye! I don't like this girl name Summer, and y best friend is Ava. Follow the account Indig...
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