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Live To Be Alive.

I think everyone should be ...
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Do people actually read the...
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My life as a big sister

Hey everyone Lila here! I a...
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Story of my life...

When i was born, i had a he...
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I like all the animals in t...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

Default guy

please dont evrer friend oususus


Posted 21 days by VETA

Default guy

I like english because it will help me to talk and reply for someone


Posted 21 days by PokemonXYZ

Default guy

I love science because when I grow up I will becom engeener thats why i love science


Posted 21 days by VETA

Default guy

I like sports because it will make me healthy and strong boy

I love Science

Posted 21 days by pacificrim

Default guy

When i will grow i want to become an engineer thats why i like science too much

My life

Posted 22 days by ForzaNapoli

Default girl

All about my life livin in naples italy. As a billingaul child . And being a millitary child

Girl stuff

Posted 22 days by O_skye

Default girl

So I have done some reasearch about periods and when to expect them and if you have read my comment on my profile I said that y...

ah...not funny..right?

Posted 22 days by clara772


Teacher: who will tell the chemical formula of water? One student: Its “h.i.j.k.l.m.n.o.” Teacher: What is this? Student: Mam, ...

Tell a personal secret

Posted 22 days by clara772


We all have our dreams as well as secrets. Sharing them publicly gives very engaging content to the followers. As much as peopl...


Say this.....“I wish I could fix this. I can’t. It’s terrible.” It is one of saddest truths we have to confront in life that un...

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