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idk i hate me and people around me TT=TT

why life has to be so hard ...
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Annoying pun of the day #3

This is a story pun So ther...
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Annoying pun of the day #3

I was trying to find out ho...
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Bad luck... once upon a time not come?

Its just so happens that i ...
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Annoying pun of the day #2

sorry that this pun was lat...
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join my dog conest here

Posted about 7 years by blinkie

Default girl

hi. if u went to join my dog cuntest ( on the mach 4 ) type am in


Posted about 7 years by shadgirl1_1462677

Thumb i got my title black n' blue back...not my fault i punched him!he made me mad!

my club.

Posted about 7 years by liv331482


hi. i just wanted to tell you that there is a new club that i started and to take a look at it. i find it cool. thanks for reading


Posted about 7 years by CECELOVE_1646095


i lov to text what about u


Posted about 7 years by pinky girl 98_1709873


so i realize i havent been bloging as much........ just been dealing with some stuff at school.............. i just want him to...

my day

Posted about 7 years by killer101_1717890

Default girl

today i was arguing with my homeroom teacher and my best friend who sits rite next to me is say this ia a good day writing and ...


Posted about 7 years by mickeybeetle_1429995


Family is my life. I know when i have a bad day at school i can come home and be loved. Thats one thing i have that some peopl...


Posted about 7 years by joem2000


Why don't you, go to youtube and type in smosh?? Its really funny


Hey im just wondering wht you guys like better black ops or reach


Posted about 7 years by vanilla002_1718298


So, today was tuesday. Great! And seriosly, I mean great! We've got art! The only lesson(not including english) that I can expr...

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