My racist "friend"

Posted over 5 years ago by alexmh
Several days ago, my friend and I were having a discussion; What really happened: Creation or Evolution? I argued for Evolution...
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Posted over 5 years ago by XxStephiePiexX
A/N: I seem to enjoy making my characters suffer, because I love writing these sort of things. Well, enjoy.
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party at kidzworld

Posted over 5 years ago by RaPZZiLLa
Yo I'm RaPZZiLLa don't tell I'm like a gorilla if you did you can't be da rapzilla cuz dis is how we do something dat ain't tr...
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RaPZZiLLa demo

Posted over 5 years ago by RaPZZiLLa
yo I'm a king around in dis small town where I never feel down I should be crown to be the king of hip hop my rhymes won't stop...
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Dear Dad.

Posted over 5 years ago by RadicalBrit-_1218258
Why do you treat you new wife like she's something special? Like she's so perfect. Tell me dad, do you remember when I was litt...
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Weird Things I've Done

Posted over 5 years ago by October_Midnight
1) Eat a crayon. 2) Taste dirt and sand. 3) Somehow screw up my nose to the point where I can basically bend it. 4) Get the sec...
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Posted over 5 years ago by Kissesxoxo_1354054
Today i had a volleyball tournament and we 1 first place! we got a trophy and the good thing was that the 8th graders 1 first 2...
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Posted over 5 years ago by jayladeachanel
stop lending when you can just give. yall out there need to get a job doing soming so please leave our parents alone and get of...
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Multipy 2 # by 2 #

Posted over 5 years ago by knipet
Steps to 25 x 10 1. Multipy 5 x 0 2. Multipy 0 x 2 3. Multipy 1 x 5 4. Multipy 2 x 5 5. Add 00 + 105, your product is 250
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About Me

Posted over 5 years ago by guineapig lover
guineapig lover
Hi, my name is Amber and I'm 12 years old. I kinda just create a kidzworld account and would love to have friends. My favorite ...
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