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Modded SNES Classic!

Hey guys! I'm Aaron! Today ...
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My Life

I'm sixteen going on sevent...
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My favourite Subject

I like doing sports. Mostly...
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These felines (Like)

All these felines in my hou...
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Why we’re amused:

Harry Potter fans, rejoice ...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Posted about 7 years by farri_1668706


i am in 5th jym teacher is cool. 5th grade is hard.there is to much is boring


Posted about 7 years by loverocks


I am jennifer harly . i am single and a sweet gurl.i am cute am yall

my crazy but funny friend

Posted about 7 years by onion8


do you kno nyaja she is really not all that but she is a good friend we are really tight together so if u want to beat her up g...


Posted about 7 years by farri_1668706


i have a cat and a dog.they r so funny to cats name is henry and my dogs name is charly.

faverote hobby

Posted about 7 years by farri_1668706


i am a great singer! i love to sing!i have a high and low pitch voice.i am to scared to sing in front of people though.

crazy friend

Posted about 7 years by nyaja


honesty a girl who thank she all that but do u really know her she is a super friend but hates dogs she is so wierd and has to ...

Default girl

AAAH! There's a Tet taekwondo tournament tomorrow, and I'm real nervous. My school is hosting it, so all the other schools will...

Truue Lubb!!

Posted about 7 years by Ladyii Bestiie_1490890


When I tehll uu iLuvv uu i dont ssay it out of habbit or to makke conuersation. I ssay iht tew remindd uu that yourr the best t...


Let me be your hero Would you dance, if I asked you to dance? Would you run, and never look back? Would you cry, if you saw me...


Posted about 7 years by laugh_love_live_1698209


YUSSSSSS!!!! Its Friday!!!! Weekend here i come! oh, and the Super Bowl is on Sunday. Go Green Bay Packers!!!!! Packer fan foeva!

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