Posted about 5 years ago by windywherrever
a new year will come ,what do i looking for ,i think i have some time to make up my mind and decision. i do hope to have a w...
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im a dream gf

Posted about 5 years ago by ghiufdhnkuhgkfjhgijf
alt="I'm a dream girlfriend!" />
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hey : >

Posted about 5 years ago by bubbles20
hey its melissa i wanted to say hi lol :)
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Me and the world around us

Posted about 5 years ago by giraffelove1
So this is me. kendall. writing to you. about stuff. so what happened to that guy with the really long name? oh yeah. HE DIED. ...
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actors ages suck

Posted about 5 years ago by sk8tergirl_87
the cast memberz for percy jackson and the lightning thief are way too old. the guy playing percy is 17 and he is sposed to be ...
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the philadelphia chickens

Posted about 5 years ago by ask990
These songs are soooo funny i laugh every time i hear them. now i have to sing one for my dad i dont know how i will be able t...
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Love in the fast lane

Posted about 5 years ago by BlaqkAudio
Give me one second, to find something to say, had I one more moment I'd have made the greatest escape. What could I do? Red blo...
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Snow!!!! :D

Posted about 5 years ago by brittanyd1296_1276633
Who dosen't love snow? (snow-haters) Snowball fights, snowmen, snow angles. Awsome fun :) Although I kept getting hit by snowba...
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Sara (AKA XxSaras.WayxX)

Posted about 5 years ago by swift_mei
Sara, you always make me laugh and you are a really true friend. I think about you often, and I love you to pieces. I don't kno...
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OMG Snowwwwwwww!

Posted about 5 years ago by K-I-R-S-T-E-N
It snowed here ! Im excited
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