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It's Been Awhile

Posted 19 days ago by harlei
It's been awhile since I have been on here. I got out of my toxic relationship and I am quite happy about that honestly. He was...
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How to put videos in Kidzworl?

Posted 19 days ago by Fatna816
I need help , I don't care about wich person want to help me, but please I need help.
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All About Me!

Posted 19 days ago by darkdovelace01
Hello everyone, my name is Emma and right now I will tell you a little bit about myself! First thing that you should know abo...
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I'm back

Posted 19 days ago by Liverpool4ever
Its been a while lol. Just letting peope know I'm I'm back and active again after 3 months xD.
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Quote of the Day

Posted 20 days ago by LovelierMedal03
"Don't live the same year 75 times and call it life." -Robin Sharma
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About me..

Posted 20 days ago by Jae-Hwa
Hi, guys! Pls send me friend request. N u can chat with me anytime, but don't worry if I reply late. 'Cuz I'm so busy due to le...
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Posted 20 days ago by BabyKennedi100
So from now , for girls i will be posting and sharing things, DIYS, advice, and more for girls, teens, and adults. iF YOU HAVE ...
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sorry 4 the delay

Posted 21 days ago by foxdajapanser76
yo guys its me foxjapanser76 so ive been like on holiday AND MAN it was amazing FOR ONLY 2 WEEKS so sorry about the delay on my...
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Easter Holidays

Posted 21 days ago by BadBoyLife4eva
We are all looking forward to the Easter Holidays because some people will not have school yay! Why do we have Easter you ask? ...
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My First Blog - topic the weeknd

Posted 21 days ago by darkdovelace01
Hello everyone my name is darkdovelace01 and today i will be talking to u about my fave artist the weeknd! And btw shoutout t...
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