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emo in the eyes of a parent vs kid

so in the blog i wanna talk...
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Poetry #1

“Numb” She hated the sadnes...
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Poetry #1

Yup, surprisingly I like po...
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Here is a riddle. What is h...
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D day

An important battle in worl...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Posted about 1 month by kimmiz


Most physical education teachers are really harsh on us,but let me tell you something interesting about them.They usually give ...

My kidzworld friends

Posted about 2 months by cubagirl


Hi guys I have lots of friends so I'll make a part 2. One of my friends is zgirl3. Another is Blockholderwmmfm. Another is myna...


Posted about 2 months by cookieyum


James looked around the empty hallways of his school,still slightly confused about what had just happened. Forget slig...


Okay, I do not condone curse words at all. But when Brandy sent this to me to watch I knew that it was safe….she would never se...

The OB Nurse by Pioneer Woman

Posted about 2 months by Raven786


Seriously, the first time I read this post I laughed until I cried. Really. Every time I read it I laugh….and then I think abo...

my bio

Posted about 2 months by cubagirl


HI guys! I'm new and i got a lot to talk about. I was born in Arizona. When i was 5 we moved Washington. I still live there tod...


Posted about 2 months by SilverTabby


new, and really hoping that I'll make good friends. Just PLEASE don't ask me my age! And I'll tell you here and now that I'm fr...


Posted about 2 months by Alpha_Female118


Well, yea as of ten days from now I will be 14 so I can look forward to that and Friday I get to go to Boston to see my Godpare...


We are here for you,no one can bully, if they try too tell me and I will report them. you can talk about your feelings and be ...


Posted about 2 months by Lilyungone


my brother died when i was just a baby but i did not know him that much but i know that i love him and then my Nana died on my...

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