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hi guys !!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg u...
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hey guys this is my first i...
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oh no

Ugh ! tommarow school and n...
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My life

My life is about school
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night is cold

ahhh cold freezing lol nigh...
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Must Visit: Badami @ Karnataka

Posted about 1 month by omygod257

Default guy

Hey; its my first blog. Hope you like it. Are you about to travel to India? South? Then cheer up there's a place which my not b...


Posted about 1 month by darkdovelace01


Yes it's true I am being bullied, no it is not fun and it actually really hurts. I feel as if I'm all alone and have nobody by ...


Posted about 1 month by bubby005

Default girl

hi my name is Danielle Makenzie Swartz. i have the blond hair and the blues and glasses and braces. i drawing and making friend...

MY lunch for a week completed

Posted about 1 month by Toto8

Default girl

Thursday : rice with potato with sauce and meatballs,i did like it ,because my mum cooked it very delicious. Friday: koshari ( ...

my lunch for a week

Posted about 1 month by mariomela

Default girl

Sunday: i ate macaroni salad,i ate it because its full of protein and it doesn't have much fat Monday:i ate peas with rice and ...


Posted about 1 month by Saloumy

Default girl

SUNDAY: I ate rice and chicken pane it was tasty. My mum did it for me because i told her to do it because i love it. MONDAY: ...

My lunch

Posted about 1 month by bedo8

Default guy

On Sunday I ate rise and chicken because it is healthy.I eat it from I was young because my dad like it,anyway it is tast...

my lunch for a week

Posted about 1 month by Hayouya


Sunday: i ate Molokhia (which contains herbs,garlic,soup and molokhia pepper) with chicken,rice and salad.I loved it because it...

My lunch for a week

Posted about 1 month by MeMidany

Default guy

Sunday: i ate nutella and kasadia, the kasadia is better than the nutella, but that dosen't mean the nutella was bad. i liked ...

My lunch for a week

Posted about 1 month by Tifoo


Sunday: I ate Molokia ( it is popular in Middle East African and North African countries . Mulukhiyyah is rather bitter ,and w...

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