Happy halloween!

Posted 5 days ago by Dragongirl134
Halloween is around the corner! First question: What are you dressing up as? Second Question: What are you doing on Halloween n...
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Posted 5 days ago by darixh123
life is hard bout you don't know what i have bin throw with my family my emissions are Crecy i have so much to say bout i can n...
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BEDO Day 18

Posted 5 days ago by Kirsteeeeen
Dear Beloved Blog, Today I went out for frozen yogurt with my dad. It was really nice to just spend some time together. I had w...
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sprung af.

Posted 5 days ago by wh0isdiana
i'm so sprung off this dude...
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My Friend

Posted 5 days ago by Mzsamria13
my guy friend had got into a fight and now he is beat up really bad. I really miss him and now i found out i have had a crush o...
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@ the cafe

Posted 5 days ago by Barima
Am kinda cartoon like dude. Make me ya friend and we gonna bcom BFF's
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pop music is seriously messed up!!! (don't read if easily offended)

Posted 5 days ago by ValenciaRose
Hey kidzworld! It's me, Valencia! It's been quite some time and I thought I would come online and say hi to everyone. Basicall...
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My themes

Posted 5 days ago by Jelly3
I changed my themes quite a lot recently, and each time I wasn't satisfied. Either the theme didn't match or either the backgro...
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there is a lot to lift & living

Posted 5 days ago by heyitsangel
Hey guys this is about having ur life and living here on our wonderfull earth your life is much more then you ever knew b4 not ...
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Posted 5 days ago by HappyBaker
Life. Life is confusing, hard, but also has its good, and lovely times. Some people never consider leaving this world, while o...
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