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3 best ways to make your hair grow faster

Posted 23 days ago by Adaski
Here are the top 3 ways to help your hair grow faster. 1. Eat a healthy diet Eating a diet rich in protein and vital vitamins...
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Posted 24 days ago by Cat123
POOP POOP POOP is all I can say right now on Wednesday at 10:00 at night all I can say is POOP! Don't you think something is w...
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Posted 25 days ago by XxLostInNeverlandxX
I wanted to play the ukulele for a very long time. I finally got one for my birthday about a month ago. I learned how to play a...
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Posted 25 days ago by yikesjinkies
Okay so story time My freshman year I used to constantly wear this bright yellow raincoat so all of my friends called me a duck...
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love yrself first

Posted 26 days ago by isheka
people usually fall in love without knowing themselves properly they should know how to love yrself first becuz when a person ...
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What I think about the Election

Posted 26 days ago by ohyes123
Nearly everyone is upset about the election.I am not though. Personally I wanted Trump to win,but if trump lost I shouldn't go...
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Posted 26 days ago by mutarba
distance doesn,t matter if the friendship is real
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About my own, but I didn't had any friends

Posted 26 days ago by FL11
Hey guys I didn't had any friends until now. I am waiting for some friend requests, but there's nothing on it. And I don't kno...
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I Got A New PC

Posted 26 days ago by harlei
I'm super happy about my new computer. Now I can play Overwatch lol. The game is pretty fun but I suck at it. But honestly I su...
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Defying the opposite gender....

Posted 26 days ago by XDragonicKingX
Good Mornin'! You already know my name...I'm here today to tell you about the recent "Trend" going on KW.The "Girls,copy and pa...
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tell your joke

tell your joke

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are you instrested to games developement ?