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Posted 28 days ago by zanyks
life is...crap yep it's cap. And let's face it people nobody's perfect and the fact that people think they can be perfect, ju...
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Having Anxiety

Posted 29 days ago by xKirstyyx
Hello Guys, I'm Kirsty A young person who wants to start blogs! This is my first ever blog so here goes- There are 6 (Consider...
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Posted 29 days ago by CamoGuy828
Okay, so last night I had a dream. For you guys who have read or watched to movies of the Hunger Games you know what I'm talkin...
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real madrid

Posted 30 days ago by damisi222
every one watch the real madrid match live now
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Posted about 1 month ago by Kittenprincess10
Hey.... so I'm back. It's my 13th birthday today, I'm officially a teen
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Stress free

Posted about 1 month ago by kajoli
Finally, all my Semester-1 exams have got over and now I feel like throwing all my notebooks away! YAY! I hope I'll get ...
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Posted about 1 month ago by JO16
anybody like dogs?
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Posted about 1 month ago by TransPug
So, I've been asking my parents for a fish for weeks! Which is kind of funny because I already have a dog. But I really want a ...
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The Devils due

Posted about 1 month ago by H3LLSCRIVVER
Who is the real devil? In this world of sinners....who is the greater evil? In the sequel to The Devils Nightmare, things are ...
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The Fairly oddparents

Posted about 1 month ago by redheadcutiepie
The new season of the Fairly Oddparents (season 10) recently add a new character. Chloe Carmichael. She is the new girl in sch...
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