Posted 6 days ago by Woofarfsniff
Hello, world! My name is Will. My favorite Xbox game is Disney infinity 1.0, and my favorite computer games are Cactus McCoy ...
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21st December, two years ago.

Posted 6 days ago by Jelly3
Today two years ago, we had our Sports day and then holidays until the 1st. This time it isn't the same. D: We don't have holi...
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21/12/2014 Sunday

Posted 6 days ago by Jelly3
Today was a holiday, whew. Obviously. I spent the whole day doing my homework, reading and talking on kw. I still have some ho...
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Posted 7 days ago by Rismon
My favorite subject is Math and most people find it difficult since it deals with numbers but its kind of fan. Math is a cool s...
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Posted 7 days ago by dakota_377_yugioh
i just got an ihome60 speaker it is awesome
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december 27th my b-day

Posted 7 days ago by lillyk
soo we have to move and we found a house and my mom and dad decided we were going to move on my birthday so for my birthday i g...
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Taylor Swift- 1989 Album Review #1

Posted 7 days ago by Macbarbie09
Hello. Today i will do an Album Review of 1989 By.. Taylor Swift! Now, most of these songs are super awesome!! Her album Consis...
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My Boyfriend!!!

Posted 7 days ago by emmaayers02
Have you ever meet someone that you feel in love with right away?
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me and colton

Posted 7 days ago by shawtyy_loves_colton
me and colton are ment to be but we broke up and i really want a second chance
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The smart/silly dog, Harry

Posted 7 days ago by LoneWolf456
The dog i adore the most is my dad's girlfriend's dog, Harry James Spotter is his full name. He does lots of tricks like, ba...
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