oggy and the cockroaches

Posted 4 days ago by ben4all
Oggy and the Cockroaches (known as Oggy et les Cafards in French, often shortened to Oggy) is a French animated comedy series p...
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anime date

Posted 4 days ago by clubanime101
okay so everyone has their favorite anime character right? if you had one chance to hit an anime character of your choice who w...
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Posted 4 days ago by Vaampire_Bite
                                                     ~FrIeNdShIp~                                            So many *memories...
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Father's Love

Posted 4 days ago by the_way_to_peace
'Dad' this word means a lot to since I have realized how loving a dad could be for his children. He never tells us about his pr...
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My heaad is painingggg

Posted 4 days ago by SweetOrchiee
My head is PAINING LIKE ANYTHING !?!?!?!?!!?! I am logging off now . still hurts !!!!! Bye miss y'all sweeties :*
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Teachers at my school

Posted 4 days ago by Superstoked98
So in my school, the boys wear shirts just like the girls but: Us guys always have our shirt out and the teachers dictate to us...
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Helloo this is Nishi's sister :)

Posted 4 days ago by SweetOrchiee
Hellooo you all know Nishi has left kw ever and and forever.....So I'll introduce a new blog writer ie. Meee :...
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Vampire Diaries

Posted 4 days ago by zdawgrocks101
Vampire Diaries is a show that may or may not drive people insane because they love it so much well to me i love that show to d...
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Hurted someone

Posted 4 days ago by viti
My aunt told me come with me for shopping but I was bored going so I said no I will not come and I think for that my aunt is hu...
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pakdam pakdai

Posted 4 days ago by ben4all
Pakdam Pakdai is an Indian animated comedy animated TV series airing formerly on Nickelodeon India and currently airing in Soni...
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