I have the Autumn time sadness....

Posted about 11 hours ago by ValenciaRose
Things have changed A LOT since I came back from my vacation. Things are still changing... for example, I LOVE friends and I al...
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Halloween is coming up!

Posted about 12 hours ago by ThunderSpirit
Well, school has started, and I know it's terrible. Yet one good thing is that October is coming up, and then it'll be Hallowee...
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》 Deaf Girl 《

Posted about 12 hours ago by ElectricRainbow101
You're a small young girl you're deaf and mostly write your thoughts and words on a whiteboard and you have been homeschooled ...
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about haters

Posted about 14 hours ago by heyitsangel
Hey!!! I know how haters are becuz you know what? My friend (heyitsales)*also known as emily* she was a hater till the day she...
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Tongue Twister

Posted about 14 hours ago by Tomiaji
Say this 3 times really fast Five fearless firefighters finally finished the fondue
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New Friends

Posted about 16 hours ago by DoughnutLove10
Can anyone add me if ur 10 or 9 cos im 10 kk thxs xx
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Posted about 17 hours ago by youngmoneytj
yoooo wats up kidzworld fam
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Posted about 19 hours ago by Drango316
NEVER DELETE THIS MESSAGE WITHOUT READING. Wish what you want first, before you read. Say it hope it will come true. 3 times. T...
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Poem Entry 2

Posted about 19 hours ago by Drango316
I sit there quietly, waiting for something to happen, but it doesn't. I decide to let my anger just flow out of me through star...
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Top 10 things drama queen's say.

Posted about 20 hours ago by Vinylscratchstwin
10. I am NOT a drama queen!!! 9. OMG!! My PHONE!! Where is it??! 8. like, oh my god, like what!? 7. y/n! where is my food!? 6. ...
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