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Be Your Self Don't Let Anyone Tell You What To Be!!

Posted 3 days ago by Kawaiikitten1
Everyone today it worrying about fitting in,trying to be popular, and forgetting to be their selves. Don't Let ANYBODY tell you...
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Chat bans

Posted 3 days ago by SabillaAyaan
Hi guys, So I know this is my first post or blog (if that's what you wanna call it) but I need to speak something and have...
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Just What I Think

Posted 3 days ago by selfie4ever
When people see you somewhere random..The super market for example, they be like: "OMG, Y U HEA MAN, WATS SUP YALL!!!!!???" or ...
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My First Post!

Posted 3 days ago by Bebblepebble
This is my first post so it wont be good so no hate. I have a test tomorrow, ya. But it is open book so that is good but I only...
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Posted 4 days ago by dosy
I wish wish for a way to be fictoius but I and up in in tears lol llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll...
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Posted 4 days ago by Shygirl15
I love to dance because it set's me free and I dont care what people tell me when they see me dancing
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Posted 4 days ago by Abbergrl
Yay! I've been wanting these two weeks forever, and now they're here. Two weeks of peace and time to think and plan and sleep a...
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Confessions of a 12 Year Old Girl

Posted 4 days ago by sprinkleofdanny
Hey ya'll, I'm back again. Sorry for not posting in ages. I never had the time really, but because it is half term, I have no e...
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Pizza and Cheese

Posted 5 days ago by minseok
I hate cheese becuase it's salty and greasy. Of course, I have favorite food it is pizza. It is greasy but I like it.
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My Brother

Posted 6 days ago by Ca_Awesome
Today, my brother has been a pain! It all started this morning when he barged into the room my cousin and I are sleeping in at ...
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