Hide and Seek (Scay Story)

Posted over 2 years ago by strawberry_gum
There once was a family of five. Three children and two parents, who loved their kids with all their hearts. This family lived ...
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Posted over 2 years ago by poppygold
I have just gone out of school, normally I would say The day war BORIING!!! But it was actually really fun today! The first 2 h...
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how to tell a guy you like him

Posted over 2 years ago by alexburrows14
There are so many ways to tell a guy that you have a crush on him, girls... here are a couple:) 1. If you have a guy friend tha...
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Coming Soon

Posted over 2 years ago by *deadlyashes*
I really don't feel like using this as a blog because my life can be at times: 1.Confusing 2.Terrifying 3.Romantic 4.Stup...
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my life

Posted over 2 years ago by Lover of many things
Lover of many things
hi, im 13. i live in idaho, have 2 sisters and 1 brother. im in 7th grade. my best friends are arieanna, courteny, audery, and ...
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Should you be judge by the color of your skin?

Posted over 2 years ago by thewantedlover32
No because thats racist
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When u want 2 do something

Posted over 2 years ago by denea 21
denea 21
Hey have u had this feeling that u want 2 do iit but u can't.well i feel like that 2 i want 2 be like myfriend Madysen Baslley ...
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R.I.P Nathan

Posted over 2 years ago by angel45906
So Nathan and I were walking to the store.Until this car pulls up and the driver pulls out a gun and shots it at me but Nathan ...
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Posted over 2 years ago by princess09871_2071491
a lot of boys think there all that bbut some of them really not i kno im a newbie in all wat ever dat mean but you boy's think ...
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annoying boys

Posted over 2 years ago by funny,flower
boys at my school trying so hard to be acucing me and my bestie for cusing and we wasn not and the told the teacher and they wa...
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