Favorite and worst food

Posted over 2 years ago by TOMATO SAUCE
Hey, my name is TOMATO SAUCE. And as you can probably see it is my most favorite food ever. I like it with sweets, crisps, lol...
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Posted over 2 years ago by DotDotKayla
Quietly, I'm screaming for help. I calm down and steady my self collapsed to the ground when I realize I can't breath. Could t...
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Posted over 2 years ago by -OreoBaybee_1748107
I'm never giving up on trying ! I've tried my hardest && it never seem to be Accomplish! I love you but you don't show ...
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Don't Goo!

Posted over 2 years ago by -OreoBaybee_1748107
Okay... Soo This Girl Name Lala Wanna Goo Oh'ff on somebody! I ain't the one she should be messing with! I'm really not the typ...
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Posted over 2 years ago by kakaswager
hey yall how is it going
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That awkward moment when...

Posted over 2 years ago by sweetbee123
Today installment[s]: That awkward moment when you leave the room filled with your friends and they don't realize your gone ti...
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best day ever

Posted over 2 years ago by smileymya29
Yesterday my school had a class party for all year 6 student.My teacher bought us KFC for our class party.We had our class part...
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Posted over 2 years ago by Panther girl
Panther girl
man zues is the love of my life he is the one such agud boyfriend
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A World Full Of People That Are Just UGH .

Posted over 2 years ago by LoveeBeaar
There's a World ; Full Of People . People That Seem To Don't Know How To Act . It's a Shame !! I Sit Back & Ask "Why Are Th...
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So Bored!

Posted over 2 years ago by Secret_Alexandra
Hey guys it's friday witch is awsome but it's like midnight and am bored.Leave a comment or add me and let's anybod...
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