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Lego Weekly

Hi and welcome to the first...
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I would like to give a brie...
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My brother

I don‘t think I‘ll EVER be ...
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# 40

i'm supposed to be revising...
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Fear street books my top 5 favorites

1 the betrayal 2 the best ...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Posted about 6 years by Mr.fishyfresh

Default guy

Friendship is not all about popular but is about love not love love I'm talking about like friends that's why I'm friends with ...

Broken toy

Posted about 6 years by Devilsh Angel


Every rose has a thorn But you might reason my heart is torn I loved you before you were even born You played me like a horn ...


Posted about 6 years by Zarnotthedragonhunter_2107524


sup........... i am me and you are you and..yeah i don't know where i'm goinig with this sooo bye!!!!


Posted about 6 years by abigail5674


who doesn't like tv

im depressed

Posted about 6 years by TweenAngel_2079320

Default girl

im depressed im in the 6th grade but compared 2 all the people in my class and what they do i feel like a 2nd grader


Posted about 6 years by abigail5674


who likes cats?


Posted about 6 years by abigail5674


who things puppies are cute?


Posted about 6 years by AeropostaleFreak_2114070


Friends are always there for u except backstabbers lol


Hey have u got n trouble 4 something u did not do. well i have before. if u want to stop it then u can just have it on video an...


Posted about 6 years by Cheeseman876


Hello everybody

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