i Love Him

Posted almost 3 years ago by Darkrainbow LoveSm
Darkrainbow LoveSm
So today. I realize while holding his hand and stareing into his eye's. HES THEONLY ONE. His smile takes my breath away. His ...
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Posted almost 3 years ago by n#1
staying up is hard wen u by ur self
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recent newz

Posted almost 3 years ago by pinkgurl
Hey. Heyyy. Umm havn't been on lately doin my thing!! But on now!! :D
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Many ways to say "i love you"

Posted almost 3 years ago by my_name_is_taylor(:_1946805
Afrikaans Ek's lief vir jou / Ek het jou lief Albanian Të dua Aleut Txin Yaktakuq Alsatian Ich hàb dich gär / Ich hàb lieb ...
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Good love bad love

Posted almost 3 years ago by Danae kk
Danae kk
Good love is when you see a boy and like him. Bad love is When you have a friend that is a boy and you like him but You don't ...
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Posted almost 3 years ago by purplefreak54
OMG! Yesterday was obviously the worst day of my life! My life is so worthless! And pathetic! I was supposed to go out to the...
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Posted almost 3 years ago by nanac13
Have your teacher said a bad word to yall be for .Will my did it is funny when he said it
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Am I Becoming Obssesive Or In Love??

Posted almost 3 years ago by TheEvilKendra
So, I can't stop thinkn' 'bout this character named Alex Shepered from Silent Hill: Homecoming. Plus, I made him as my profile ...
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Posted almost 3 years ago by SweetTweetieT
Who Looks Better? kahli or dantevian Jeffery or Blake Dyani or Jaylen Malek or James CHOOSE WHO LOOKS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!...
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I am ugly

Posted almost 3 years ago by PrincessTiana1215
I am not beautiful I am not hot I am not stunning i am not pretty i am not gorgeous I am ugly
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