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Posted almost 4 years ago by Babygurl1243
i think that hangin out with friends is a really cool thing but for me it is chillin with my bf is really health for our relati...
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Posted almost 4 years ago by luvin yeww
luvin yeww
I Luv life this is a message 2 anyone who feelz like they're nutin"ONLY YOU CAN BE YOU "
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Taylor Swift Stuff

Posted almost 4 years ago by TaylorSwiftyFan
Taylor Swift won the kids choice awards for the biggest help.
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Posted almost 4 years ago by mariah89
Yo go to my YouTube channel
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The mysterious species: Women

Posted almost 4 years ago by justintyme15
I noticed that about 99.9999999% of women expect men to read their minds. and when we can't (cuz i know none of us are x-men) t...
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Twilight :D

Posted almost 4 years ago by Jojo2930_2078492
As you can see.. I really love twilight. :) I watched the series all the time! I'm a fan of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. They ...
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twilight breaking dawn part 1

Posted almost 4 years ago by abbeyistocool_2079584
Bella and Edward perfect together Bella has a child with Edward Cullen and they have sex and Edward Cullen ends up hurting her ...
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My idol

Posted almost 4 years ago by Rocky77
Miranda Lambert is known for many songs!I look up to MirandaLambert because she isn't afraid to say what she thinks.I want to...
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Posted almost 4 years ago by drego12_2067951
anybody here love beyblade cause im holding a tournament here in dallas if love beyblade it will be at the plesant oaks recre...
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Travon Martin

Posted almost 4 years ago by lil girl rocks
lil girl rocks
This boy got shot on his dad's property and his killer is not in jail i think thats sad because that man killed a black little ...
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