summer camp

Posted over 3 years ago by parksidechick
well if you read my other blogs this is a sequal about summer camp 2011 it was awsome i made plenty of friends the first day...
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no more room on my profile!2

Posted over 3 years ago by RainbowRunswithscissors
See that girl you just called fat? She starves herself everyday just so she'll THINK somebody will love her, even though just a...
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Posted over 3 years ago by XxEpicz SwaqxX
XxEpicz SwaqxX
I think its soo retarted that Clare and Eli broke up and then Clare dates Jake. That is soo gross espsecially since he's her s...
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best weekend ever

Posted over 3 years ago by jordyn2k_1772038
ok i just had the best weekend eva it was so fun i just cant explain it wat was you best weekend eva
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chat nd how lame nd bored i feel

Posted over 3 years ago by zz_baby
here's zhantania tellin u that chat should be open nd im bored help i feel trapped i need a frann 2 talk 2
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Thought For A While

Posted over 3 years ago by OnceForgotten
I thought for a while. Okay I thought all day. It really tickled me at first. But After I replayed all my thoughts and listened...
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Finally - 3/18/12

Posted over 3 years ago by maxwell_763231
Well, today Jonathan finished his shopping bag project for school, and he, with a little help from me, will start a walkthough ...
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me myself and i

Posted over 3 years ago by K@l!gurlz
hey im me myself and i nt worryin about what other ppl saiiii so im 13 5'4 ummm medium hair shaped like a coke bottl...
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Any Kinda Post

Posted over 3 years ago by bubblelicious
Here's a post about anything it could be about boys,girls, school if you like it unlike me totally hate school s o if ...
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Big Bang Theory

Posted over 3 years ago by Zeppelin_2062687
Big Bang In the beginning there is only a super-massive gaseous point in our empty universe. Instantaneously and randomly, eno...
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