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When I first met you, I fe...
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So... as the title says im ...
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Blog love

Hey im fox and im writing ...
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Less than a week!
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Hello, possible readers! It...
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mad af

Posted almost 6 years by naynay213_2012956


so im so happy how about you i wonder how my brother doin in jail maybe fighting with so gay brother try to do my brother in th...

the wanted xxx♥

Posted almost 6 years by thewantedluva99_2108672


hiya i LOVE the wanted. i m obsessed. i love nathan from the wanted hez maboifrend lool. i love them. i love there songs and i ...

My dogs

Posted almost 6 years by nancyerin


Love my two dogs - Chiara and Rocky. They're so cute, one's a Westie and ones a German Shepard. LOL. ps. Jamaca is so cool ...


My name is Keke. I am sixteen, but don't let the age fool you I'm mature. I am not with no bullshid games, I don't hang with ch...

Join if u like music!

Posted almost 6 years by epicboy2002


talk all about music!


Posted almost 6 years by thiikgurlswaggah_1903170


MY name is Christy I am 14 years old. I go to Bayside Middle School. I am ugly, stupid, and not worth anything. I am the girl e...

thee LAME'S

Posted almost 6 years by quoya123_1967020


ii don'tt caree watt u peoplee thinkk aboutt meee imm amm aa vry poliett personn ii reallyy dontt caree watt chuu peoplee reall...


Posted almost 6 years by sapphir

Default girl

Today I went to the swimming pool with my two BFFs... I wanted to hide as quickly as I could because my rival was there with hi...


Posted almost 6 years by ShyJo10_2071558

Default girl

If u talk bad about me i figure out if you talk bad about my friends i figure out so dont talk bad dont whisper dont make me fe...

Child Abuse.

Posted almost 6 years by crazygalXxme_1881964


My name is Lilly I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stup1d I must be bad, What else could have made My dad...

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