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Posted over 4 years ago by 440054
I am in love. I love the guy i am with.
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Posted over 4 years ago by $$Young lyricall
$$Young lyricall
IF YOU cyber bully someone or bully them at all you are the biggest and meanest loser of all time!!! I have been a victim of bu...
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5 ways to annoy someone...

Posted over 4 years ago by HelloKitty222_2088012
1.Specify that your drive-through order is to go 2.Speak only in a robot voice 3.Leave your turn signal on for fifty miles 4.Sn...
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My Day Of Color

Posted over 4 years ago by cookiedough6132
Today my parents had these people paint our house.Such a stress, we have spent two weeks looking at stupid, stupid colors so ye...
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Posted over 4 years ago by Mastercat1999
just wanted to say, Happy birthday to all the people on Kidzworld that are turning 1 year older ^-^ HAPPAH BIRFDAY!!! =D
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Advice about older or younger siblings.

Posted over 4 years ago by lovebug214
Sometimes you might think that your sibling is the worst sibling ever and think they hate you. Everybody with a brother or sist...
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bored :(

Posted over 4 years ago by ayosnoopy
im bored and my friend is gone and im sitting here watching judi moody not bummer summer
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Music Lyrics

Posted over 4 years ago by Girly Girl12
Girly Girl12
Want some Music Lyrics? Not country , Hip hop or rap. Bleck. Well , every now and Then I'll post lyrics of my favourite songs. xD
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Posted over 4 years ago by Mac.Wants.Yhu!
Well i won Penny :) For all of thoes who dont know, Penny is not my child but i think of her that way. She is my 5 year old nei...
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My hobbies and interests.

Posted over 4 years ago by Tillymint99
I really enjoy sports especically Netball and Tennis. i like playing for the school team and in my garden. I also love dancing ...
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