Posted almost 3 years ago by CutiePiez
Quelle est l'amour? Parfois je me demande moi-même. Y at-il beaucoup de gens qui savent ce qu'est l'amour? Ou bien ils pensent ...
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Posted almost 3 years ago by CutiePiez
Anger is something that can get you into alot of trouble. Weather it be on accident or on purpose. If you speak in anger you wi...
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Posted almost 3 years ago by thecellorocker
i cant stop cryinq wen yuh love someone nd all they do is throw yuh away...... all yuh feel is numb...... every song reminds m...
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Christmas Day

Posted almost 3 years ago by Xxbrianna_braindeadxX
Dear To Who Ever The Fuhck Is Reading This, Today for Christmas I got some really cool gift at first I got Adventure Time Pap...
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My New "Pet"

Posted almost 3 years ago by ZaralineBurton_1957493
Hey, i have a new thing, it's a tiny Voodoo doll. i doubt it brings people death. the box said good luck. So I decided to na...
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An scrtchy christmas i think

Posted almost 3 years ago by AlissonAndMelissa
on 2010 we had the christmas tree up so we had a kitten name sassy my uncle name her haha anyway she love lights and squince so...
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Posted almost 3 years ago by Mr.F!am3z
WHEN I PULL UP OHN the strip, yeah im glistenin, i spit that fire and that fire got them haters listenin. im 2 hot to touch, 4t...
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Posted almost 3 years ago by Hot_Stuff22226
Do you get that felling you just want to give up and some time you need to keep trying
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Posted almost 3 years ago by LillyTheCowgirl_1931055
Death is something that can make you feel normal again, ive done bad things and ive been hurt to much, i want the pain gone but...
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Posted almost 3 years ago by cutiemomo
Hey people going to bed soon so comment on my profile
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