Idea That He Might Be The One!(:

Posted almost 3 years ago by AAAdorable_1963314
I've had this guy in my life on and off for about 4 years and it's completely crazy because we always end up back together agai...
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I Have a Twin .. !

Posted almost 3 years ago by LoveeBeaar
I Have a Twin ! Nobody Knows That She's My Twin Either ; Well , Until Now ! People Say We Look Alike Everywhere We Go Together ...
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my friend bishop

Posted almost 3 years ago by blackrose58
so i had a class with my friend bishop and everytime i see him i get butterflys in my stomach i uv him to much ugh
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Posted almost 3 years ago by chiller566
I Love green to why u say because you can go green wear green and green is one of the christmas colors u can`t possibly go wron...
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With Him

Posted almost 3 years ago by AyooItsTatii
Last night at 11:34pm, my friend Jose called me. He's also my crush who lives back in Florida. He called me and all I remember ...
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skoo it sucks!

Posted almost 3 years ago by daddysgyrl101
OMG! i got detention cuz my RA teacher said i waz cussing in class wen i wasn't. Now tell me that isn't stupid!
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Posted almost 3 years ago by xlilskittlezx
OMG! Im Excited For Myself! My Bday Coming Up & I Need A Birthday Buddy ! Haha J/K I Got One & His Birthday 4 Days...
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Posted almost 3 years ago by animefan100
hi i am new and for my first post i will tell you a spell or 2 first i will tell you about a bad luck spell give bad luck to ...
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never lie

Posted almost 3 years ago by bellbeez10
i think you should never lie because you can get in trouble. by your teacher and your mom and dad. never tell a lie its to keep...
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Shainnas life (me)

Posted almost 3 years ago by myaloves12
Im going to post about my life in school so look out for the word LIFE alright. HUGS AND MISSES Myal...
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