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"Natures first green is gol...
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i start to like some one help me

can some one help to tell m...
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hey guys! today is my lille...
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4/25/2018 what im doing today

I woke up and went to the b...
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Being Mixed

This is what people ask me ...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Posted almost 6 years by santa101

Default girl

i need a boyfriend so boys come here lol

my life

Posted almost 6 years by rainbowkittykat123


hi i have a lfe

My Day

Posted almost 6 years by madrut_2110881


I had MSP testing today at school which sucked and preformed a skit 4 drama. I was playing the role of Simba in a scene. Not v...

Hello Kitty

Posted almost 6 years by Daileygirl77_2109879


Posted almost 6 years by kittiy_1382020


some times we just fell that theres no one for us and yes maybe there isnt but we have are selfs we an trust in our selfs t...


Posted almost 6 years by cece2012

Default girl

your bff dosen't you need to do evrything for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted almost 6 years by Tre7_2105226


heyyyy add meh plzzzz i need some friends plzzzzz


Posted almost 6 years by RAYRAY'SLOVER36_2105736


I am nykiesia (rayray'snumber1girl),my favorite color is purple,my favorite food is tacos,i and i love to be me! So if you dont...


Posted almost 6 years by heyimcool


Does anybody feel that there school gives out way to much homework???

fony friends

Posted almost 6 years by prisiegirl


how u goin to say that ur someones best friend and do the exact oppsite like if u no wat i mean yeaa but i have phony who say t...

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