Almost My Birthday!

Posted over 2 years ago by TwixLover
about 1 month til my birthday. 13 baby! my boyfriend is getting me a present. its a surprize. shhh..... luv him
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Posted over 2 years ago by falado
omg do board need a bf thts about 10 or11 maybeha leave a comment on my page if ur interested
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My Club.

Posted over 2 years ago by Black Knight
Black Knight
Everybody join my club. It is called Harry Potter Fan Club.
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Posted over 2 years ago by Swag143
Idk if I should go Cuz I got my gf here I go some of my fans And I got Laryssa (my ex) They all love me (idk bout Laryssa cuz ...
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Posted over 2 years ago by shakita
there is no need 2 hate on i know u wish u could be me,but u cant.because i am too "smexy" 4 u people and i know it.but...
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Damaged hard life..!

Posted over 2 years ago by Kdeezy babby
Kdeezy babby
If yu had a hard life dont let it affect you get up me people enjoy is cause you are who you make yourself.!:)
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my love life

Posted over 2 years ago by goldieginny
oh today was really tiring ok so this boy i used 2 crush on starts flirting with and he asks would u lyk 2 see my 6pack so i ju...
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WHOS THERE ( like you dont know )

Posted over 2 years ago by PrincessRoses
Dont You Just Hate It When Someone Tells You A Really Bad Joke. Its Really Old And You've Herd It About a BILLION Time. Like: ...
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Math teacher part 2

Posted over 2 years ago by shycassandra101
he has like 126 estimated. hahahaha. bekks thinks its scary. :D
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bored so i wrote

Posted over 2 years ago by funchaser
life is on my side for now im waiting though for death is coming i can feel it my heart hurts but when does it not tired from s...
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