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Less than a week!
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Hello, possible readers! It...
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Shadows Blog!!! :)

hey guys!! i just came on t...
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A little about me... <3

I am 13 I was born in Kansa...
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Starting a blog

Aloha planet earth! This is...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Posted almost 6 years by Modernwar3


Posted almost 6 years by Modernwar3


de los lema sotoas


Posted almost 6 years by cater


Do you think that the new lambo or the camaro

me only

Posted almost 6 years by iciss1234_1861106


i love to be me and no one else so dont hate me cuz im beautyful and remeber love yourself more than anyone else.


Posted almost 6 years by ladybug4801


im sooo board


Posted almost 6 years by FitzHitz_1644838


ok hey everyone im filling u guys in on my life lolz but um im playing volleyball 4 a club called pittsburgh eilte and im havin...


How the hell am I gonna reach that? -_-


Posted almost 6 years by melmel18

Default guy

my b-day is tmmr but for now ist's my cousin amanda" birthday...happy bd-amanda and i take my NYS TEST TODAY AND TMMR UGGGG A T...

my return

Posted almost 6 years by Awesome Avery

Default guy

what up peeps how you doing this is awesome avery and thats right im back and ready for action i hoped you missed me cause i am...

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