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Posted about 4 years ago by bubles fisher
bubles fisher
Do u ever feel like ur invisable to ur family,friends,or people. Will i know i do and it upsets me.If u do how dose it make u f...
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april fools day

Posted about 4 years ago by prettygirlracher
so today my friend said i april fooled somebody .. which waz my friends bf ...and this is wat she said "hey just sayin your gf ...
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Posted about 4 years ago by devio12
Hey people, i made a new friend, Comet16, she is soooooooo nice and soo cool, if you are waanting to be friends on here with so...
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Posted about 4 years ago by lukeyduke
have you ever wondered what parts there r to a skateboard well baring,deck,gripe type,wheels, and trucks thats most of the parts
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my club of emos

Posted about 4 years ago by kitty159
if ur emo u should request me nd well cud start a club yay tht wud be amazing rite
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my life

Posted about 4 years ago by maya123y
my life is awsome and i will live it as long as i can!!!!!!!!!!
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(2)The T.A.R.D.I.S

Posted about 4 years ago by billyjoe
if you don't know the tardis is the machine the Doctor (matt smith) uses to travel through time and space. the most important t...
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Posted about 4 years ago by Abby G Loves U
Abby G Loves U
Who hates listening to music. I listen to it all the time. On my way home to school, going to school, when I'm on Kidzworld. Se...
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Posted about 4 years ago by Jessica1123
If you ever have problems with sibLingstry telling your mom or dad if it doesn't work take something that they really love and ...
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Dancing and being Arabic & Hindu

Posted about 4 years ago by Stacy1990_2079866
I dance 5 times a week at my community church. Me and my whole family has been dancing for 21 years this year would me my 12th ...
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