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The Anime Challenge (DAY 2)

Alright, I saw some disturb...
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it is about a my teacher wh...
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Just Some Song Lyrics

Title : No Control Lyr...
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Pulling the joke string

So my best friend came and ...
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Does anyone think Meghan Markle is fit for Prince Harry?

And have you seen the silly...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

Child Abuse.

Posted about 6 years by crazygalXxme_1881964


My name is Lilly I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stup1d I must be bad, What else could have made My dad...


I have one wish, one chance to make it come true, and one life to do it in. My wish is that all the pain will go away. I am not...

KONY 2012

Posted about 6 years by Silver Lust_2098908


Hey everyone! KONY IS SO EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, how can he do that to children?Okay so we better MAKE HIM FAMOUS! A...

my blog and stuff

Posted about 6 years by babyspice_2078601

Default girl

so bored, l love danny mac so much hes like well fit


Posted about 6 years by halofighter96_2089712


there are over 1. 5 billion people on the planet and atleast half are female,and a 1/4 of that population is rapd by a person t...


I had to go for many reasons i am done with crying for ppl who dont care siad i could have his sholder then he scolds me and i ...

Friday 27-04-2012

Posted about 6 years by alvy123_2099781


Hey today i woke up very late something like 12 noon and didnt hav breakfast i had a bath and had lunch and i went to the mall ...


Posted about 6 years by Rinko Takata_2096646


I am watching now. 6th((朝日テレビ

Hello Friendship Card

Posted about 6 years by mishra_mama


Just Show you tongue to them, they will not be angry if they are Italians because its their traditional way of welcoming !

Imaginary Numbers

Posted about 6 years by mishra_mama



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