Gemstone's Reviews: The IPhone of the talk

Posted almost 3 years ago by designer_me555
Hello kidzworld!Gemstone's Review has moved from the boards to the blog! Today,everyone is talking about the newest IPhone of ...
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Posted almost 3 years ago by catdaddy85_1806432
do you have a pet
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Singer Contest

Posted almost 3 years ago by hannahmontana&me
Which singer is best? Options: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Hannah Montana, Selena Gomez, JB, or Demi Lovato or Nicky Minaj. Rule...
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We're Sexii And You Know It

Posted almost 3 years ago by PurpleBows01
Me and my cousin made up a dance for I'm Sexii and you know it!! LOL!! XX We're Sexii and You Know...
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i hate people

Posted almost 3 years ago by vampirequeen99
hey i am sorry i didnt post in awhile i got ya i feel so trapped...because i have to well be the mature adult ...
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my dragon pictures

Posted almost 3 years ago by the dragon
the dragon
Hi, I'm here to post about all of my dragon pictures. They are mostly ones I made on my Nintendo 3DS. And first, see all images...
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Posted almost 3 years ago by sunshine5677
your friends are people who care about you who appreciate you who never always lie to you so if you are a true friend send peop...
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Dont do

Posted almost 3 years ago by Swag143
Don't flirt with my gf/Bella don't flirt with other guys Don't break my ex heart/our I will break ur face Don't call me Jacob/I...
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My Bestie

Posted almost 3 years ago by Supah Kitty
Supah Kitty
I love my bestie cuz she is like my sis. Now we are far away cuz she left to DC and I don't know when I am gonna c her. But sin...
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Posted almost 3 years ago by PrincessTiana1215
Stop asking if I'm single I'm taken Happily taken Don't ask me to break up with him Because I'm not Don't ask me to just have ...
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