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Spring Break!

Posted over 4 years ago by leah2190_2086994
HAHA spring break i love it!!!!!!! :) Today was so much fun wahooooo haha! 43 days till funfest! Yahhh! going with my bf
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Posted over 4 years ago by MW3 Expert_2081943
MW3 Expert_2081943
I like to play football I have been playing for 2 years in 7th and 8th grand and then i'm going to play all through high school...
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what i like

Posted over 4 years ago by princewilliam
there is nothing more that i love more than reading a good book, exploring, watching movies, hanging with my family,riding,play...
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Last night...

Posted over 4 years ago by Paigewuvyou
I was on a private rp with my mate last night, i went onto my ipod cause it was like 3.00 am and all these people started addin...
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My life

Posted over 4 years ago by BallGirl0
I'm 12 years old,honor student,and love to play sports.I live with my mom who's a hairstylist. Me and my boyfriend are broken ...
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Posted over 4 years ago by ladyangela
life is find with many things and life follo u ever where u go i am going to tell what going to do in my life pass the crct to...
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Cyber Bullying

Posted over 4 years ago by mizmindless
Dont let anyone bully you its not right. If someone does try to stick up for yourself. I would stick up for my friends and ...
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Justin Beiber

Posted over 4 years ago by qmfizer1_1540953
whazzzaaahhh! lol. ok so i'm not really a big justin beiber fan and all but i have always loved his songs. i mean i havent been...
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Posted over 4 years ago by alandon923
adults think t.v ruins kids mind but they don't one time i got a A on a test because of t v but when they sit it in front of it...
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bus ride

Posted over 4 years ago by lyrieisawesome1
on my way to the game i was singing the same song over again it was called why you asking all them questions and it was because...
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