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Posted about 4 years ago by Trevor 143
Trevor 143
Everyone "wants popularity" But its just no use!Being popular means your in a crowd that everyone wants to be in and you have t...
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Posted about 4 years ago by girlie11
BUWAHAHA! I'm gonna ruin ur account!! lol.I just wanna say that joy(aka girlie11)is a wonderful angel.and she's a darling.so ju...
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legoland windsor

Posted about 4 years ago by morgan5597
the other day i went to lego land and it was amazing they have really fun rides my favorite one was the pirate ship i went on i...
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is nikki manaj crazy

Posted about 4 years ago by jaela girl1
jaela girl1
is that pink haired freak crazy?????????????????????????????I NEED TO KNOOOOOOOOW
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my life

Posted about 4 years ago by diomond8596
whe i was younger i had my mum 2 myself but when i was 5 my sister was born and then my brother so i stress a lot agggggggggggg...
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What im going to do today! What I do everyday!

Posted about 4 years ago by kayla(kaykay)_2083033
Hi Guys my name is McKayla and I just want to tell you guys how my life style is well today later on im going to softball and i...
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who likes LMFAO? i do!

Posted about 4 years ago by epicboy2002
do u like LMFAO? i luv them! there epic!
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my school frndz

Posted about 4 years ago by dazly
ha ha ha....today akila tore her uniform ..i cant stop lafing....i just cut her clothes of the chair ....IF AKILA SEES THIS PAG...
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Whitney Houston

Posted about 4 years ago by hellokittieLOVE
Miss Whitney I have her album listening to it :-(
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MTV march madness

Posted about 4 years ago by Kaycieee_1937593
My Chemical Romance lost to Green Day.... It's amazing how we only lost by 4 percent when MCR did nothing for us to go and vot...
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