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Yes it's true I am being bu...
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hi my name is Danielle Make...
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Blog 2

Aloha planet earth! How r u...
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MY lunch for a week completed

Thursday : rice with potato...
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my lunch for a week

Sunday: i ate macaroni sala...
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Posted 26 days by sleepoverules222


what is your opinion on safety in the world? I think everything in the world should have protection.

Default girl

I'm trying to write my blog , but Kidzworld won't let me. Why?

That time in P.E.

Posted 27 days by Mylifesofar

Default girl

I remember that when I was in kindergarden, I went to P.E. At P.E. class, We were playing a game. During the game, I did someth...

Me in Kindergarden

Posted 27 days by Mylifesofar

Default girl

I remember me being in Kindergarden. At first, I was shy. On my first day, I was nervous meeting my teacher and classmates. But...

Default girl

My parents are from a country called Ethiopia. I'm born here, but I am a Ethiopian-American. My mom has a green card while my d...

what i am doing right now

Posted 27 days by Sanu7

Default girl

i was so bored so i went to the computer and logged in . At first i started browsing kidzworld ,then i started writing my FIRST...

shadow the hedgehog

Posted 28 days by kamiko1

Default girl

I like shadow he got cool chaos powers n he immortal

#4 Starstruck

Posted 29 days by onceinabluemoon


Hi, still no readers reading my blog D:. But, I'm so excited for an event tonight! I will be meeting a famous person (bet no on...


Posted 29 days by bragon


it was my sister birthday today

My puzzles

Posted 29 days by Cookbook

Default guy

This is my 4 puzzles that are good

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