Friends or not???

Posted 3 days ago by cbean15
after starting school I thought to my self well why is she being my friend for a day then that's it Jaimee was her name she tho...
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Posted 4 days ago by bookworm99
Hello everyone! I have a question. If you are reading this this is to you, have you or someone else that you know is getting bu...
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Guitar Girl

Posted 4 days ago by loviearmi
          Hey y'all whats up? I just wanted to share my talent i got from GOD and my family.. and that is playing the guitar!  ...
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what my day is about

Posted 4 days ago by lillyane
today is a good day so far I am going to a rodeo tonight in lometa im going to whach my big coisin gay on a bull and hope he ...
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Dr who

Posted 4 days ago by kos456
I really love the TV show Dr who and I know a lot about it
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Laugh Out Loud!

Posted 4 days ago by Serena007
Hello everyone...! Here is the joke of the week! Question: Why couldn't the skeleton go to the ball dance? Answer: I don't know...
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Posted 4 days ago by homey
i am take us history it is a 11th grade class not 10th grade class
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Posted 4 days ago by JRedfern
It seems so strange, seeing that post. "My Life"  Well that's not my life anymore. I can barely remember the girl that wrote th...
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Posted 4 days ago by viti
My sixth paper English it was easy. First i couldnt remember the answer than I came to know.
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Zayn !

Posted 4 days ago by Dreamy19
Zayn Malik !!!...........i m feeling to cry now !!!...Zayn u cant do this !!!...why did u have to leave one direction ????........
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