So much mess... a random rant

Posted 2 days ago by sk8rgrl_nostalgia00
(This was a random pour-out of my mind, so sorry if I switched subjects ever so swiftly.) No need to fake a Positive Polly. I ...
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Do You Ever Feel Alone?

Posted 2 days ago by Brailynlovesu
Do you ever feel like no one wants to hang out with you because the think your weird and that you will always be alone? Well I ...
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My best friends gallery ♥

Posted 2 days ago by Charulata
This time is show my best friends . How they are and how I feel about them. Look below ;) ♥ 1.GawjussGracieex(aka Gracie)- Cu...
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Woo my photos approved :)

Posted 2 days ago by Charulata
I am happy yea my photos are approved...Thinking...I should use it as profile pic or not...?!.. End of blog...Lol! -With Love
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Bullying: STOP IT.

Posted 2 days ago by princtongirl818
The boy you punched in the hall today. Committed suicide a few minutes ago. The boy you called lame. He has to work every night...
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Posted 2 days ago by smurfetblue
ILoveYouu sooo much emilee (: your my best friend/ sister noone else :) have a good day
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Posted 2 days ago by Danielazbike
He guys if you are happy shout AMEN
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i feel like life is changeing

Posted 2 days ago by heyitsangel
Ok so I feel like my life is changeing so far....... because my mom n dad fights more I stop them from that because I don't lik...
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Emerson pointed Ozil tryout may have a gun.

Posted 3 days ago by sbovampires
Paul Emerson, the former Arsenal midfielder in the Premier League's top clubs to express that sentiment. The trauma of Mesut Oz...
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Letter B

Posted 3 days ago by taffypinkie16
B is the second letter in the alphabet
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