Why I joined this site

Posted 4 days ago by animelynn
I joined because I am homeschooled. I have some difficulties learning new things if its taught too fast. I hope the kids here w...
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Mr. Jump

Posted 4 days ago by letlifego14
This is a question that I would like answered; why are so many people addicticted to this new game Mr Jump ? If you have an ans...
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I am very happy

Posted 4 days ago by viti
Because I had extra classes in my vacations.  But I was not able to go as my father was sick. And my friend told me now that we...
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Fun Fun Fun

Posted 4 days ago by Dreamy19
Today was Pohela Boishakh which is the bengali new year ...we had a lot of fun we ate Panta was very ...
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Friend requests.☺

Posted 4 days ago by peace16
I got 6 friend requests today.☺ I got 8 friend requests last weekend.♥ Am i famous now?? WOW!!☺
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Remember Me

Posted 4 days ago by BeautifulxDisasters
I know I won't receive your X's and O's, I know I won't be the one you take to prom, and I know I won't be your bride, but I ho...
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Can't Sleep

Posted 4 days ago by DarkGoddess
I have school tomorrow and it's 1:25 AM in the morning. I can't sleep, but I'm tired. I dont know if that sounds right. Anywho ...
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Gee Thanks...

Posted 4 days ago by pyroxide
My best friend got me sick... I can barely move and I can't afford to miss school..
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Posted 5 days ago by fluffyunicorns
this is my first ever post and i just could not think of what to post so i thought hay why not do it about posting/bloging.i'v ...
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School subjects

Posted 5 days ago by Bunnythedurp
If I had a favorite subject it would probably be math. It's relaxing and non stressing because if I do ever need help I ask. I ...
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