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Annoying pun of the day #4

I'm a big fan of whiteboard...
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The Loud House

I found a super amazingly f...
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I wrote my bio! I hope that...
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do you wanna build a snowman

Do you wanna build a snowma...
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I love KW!! Grin Devil Tong...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

May 7 2018

Posted 19 days by Sabrina357

Default girl

I'm in my bed. I am going over my math facts and listening to music. Its Abigail. TodayI learned that no matter how sad you ar...


Posted 20 days by roshelly


david is 6 yrs his sister loren half his age when david is 100 how old is loren A 96 b 50 . c idk

Pets & Friends

Posted 20 days by isadoraviolet


On Kidzworld I have so many friends. I have told only a few about my pets & if they want to they can leave a like to my pho...

Drugs in school?!!!

Posted 20 days by Letopia


One day last year, we were having class as normal, but apparently a girl in the back seat had some pills in her bag. Then asked...


Posted 21 days by greenteen13


Hi, i am a girl of science,but i really suck at math i am in 8th grade and i love computer games online and for pc i love food....


Posted 21 days by rainbowpoptart


Taking some time to write this as a little break from my essay. School is still annoying, and I still have so much to do. I'm m...


I am in a confused, sort of sad mood right now. School starts too soon for my liking, I don't want to go back. Don't want to th...


Posted 21 days by Purplerainfla

Default girl

hi again. is there a link i can send to friends who are not on kidzone to invite them to join and be my friend on here? thank you!


Posted 21 days by Purplerainfla

Default girl

I am trying this again. I keep saving my posts but it doesn't show anywhere. How come? WHHYYYYY? Help me please.

Purple Life

Posted 21 days by Purplerainfla

Default girl

I don't have rose colored lenses. I see in purple instead. Purple Rocks!

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