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My Experience With Art Classes

Hi! I'm pretty new here, so...
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This is my blog

So coollllll
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It's Boring, So Skip This Blog

I was reading the Four Hour...
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emo in the eyes of a parent vs kid

so in the blog i wanna talk...
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Poetry #1

“Numb” She hated the sadnes...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Posted over 6 years by Jasmine.Wants.You


Greetings Young World! Its been awhile since Ive blogged But as the kws queen of blogs(in allys words) its my duty to lead the ...


Posted over 6 years by your dream_2039361


Me give a hamster! He's so nice and thick. His name is cute. Now I have a zoo at home haha. I have a dog, cat, hamster and parrot

My Goal.

Posted over 6 years by lololnicole_2057491


To make a blog on whatever everyday till the end of the year. Okay lololol.

what happend today

Posted over 6 years by k_money2000


OMG the cray things happend to me today i got caught with my ipod touch got it taken away then i snitch right back on that boy ...

a joke

Posted over 6 years by milez.m.c


a man has a wedding and nobody comes including his bride

am i likeable

Posted over 6 years by samanthapandaw_1631334


Ok, this worries me. I'm afraid i come across as too nice. Because i was made an uber in a club i just joined because i was ask...

Into the nothing

Posted over 6 years by KingShawn13_1519518


Screaming on the inside I am frail and withered Cover up the wounds That I can't hide Walls that lie between us The saint withi...

More jokieos

Posted over 6 years by gab378


Roses are red,violets are blue,but non of them stink like poo!

Without you

Posted over 6 years by KingShawn13_1519518


Search for the answers I knew all along I lost myself, we all fall down Never the wiser of what I've become Alone I stand, a br...


Posted over 6 years by ZoEy_ScEne_RaWR(:_2057228

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