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The Anime Challenge (DAY 2)

Alright, I saw some disturb...
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it is about a my teacher wh...
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Just Some Song Lyrics

Title : No Control Lyr...
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Pulling the joke string

So my best friend came and ...
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Does anyone think Meghan Markle is fit for Prince Harry?

And have you seen the silly...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


this is what happen today we had to go deliver some cookies at walmart and when we was done i was hungry so we went to the car...


This is interested seeing I have never blogged and never saw myself doing so on a child's website. Uh whatever I guess. It coul...

my life

Posted about 6 years by jeremy67


hi my name is jeremy i live in the massachusetts . ihave a girl friend abby lear and our lifes are going realy well...we are bo...

My Nanny!!!!

Posted about 6 years by alissathabest_1978551


My Nanny is my grandma in other words!! I call her my nanny cuz she dont like me calling her granny or grandma she said it mak...

Journal Entry #2

Posted about 6 years by allycat27


Dear Reader, ~Today was fun ! We had a 9 weeks exam for reading and it was really easy , i think i did good on it ! After w...

which is better

Posted about 6 years by eric30


Mc.donald Burger king Wendy's Checkers

are web site

Posted about 6 years by arianna and lilly


hello people from the world and on the website um i made the website me and my sister lilly boo


Posted about 6 years by jude123456


Posted about 6 years by jude123456


Posted about 6 years by rockets


HI :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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