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I love listening to songs! ...
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I love RP! It is the best! ...
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About me

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Live To Be Alive.

I think everyone should be ...
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Do people actually read the...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

the locker

Posted about 6 years by SyncMaster


i am the arhictect i am the painter but u draw my heart and lock me on ur chest and whenevr u let go of me the heart that u dr...

the model

Posted about 6 years by SyncMaster


you walk like a model you act like a model but most of all u are the model of my heart


Thing bout me is not perfect I'm a nice kool person and all I do is be me and show people who I m really am I'm a huge selena g...

What it's like fainting.

Posted about 6 years by iamalive


Well, i've ALMOST fainted 3 times. At first you will feel dizzy. Then you will see all these dots. Then you wont be able to sta...

A mean teacher

Posted about 6 years by Carolinianz_1966520


Have any of you out there have ever had a MEAN teacher? Well, I'm here to talk about mine and CrazyLove22's. Her name is Ms.Egg...


My life is so far so yeah don't get mad at me cause this is my first blog... but ill start by saying well I'm doning good in sc...


Saturday: Sleep Wake Up Go back to bed Wake Up Sleep Again Sunday: Sleep through sunday after church


Posted about 6 years by katnisspeeta_2052673


I need a boy who can have time for me in their schedule!!

My poem

Posted about 6 years by Trevor 143


I remember tears streaming down your face When I said "I'll never let you go" When all those shadows almost killed your light I...


Posted about 6 years by katnisspeeta_2052673


I have ten horses getting a rid of some to buy some next year!!!lol i love nh horses but some we don't name cause we know we ai...

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