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night is cold

ahhh cold freezing lol nigh...
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fun at the summer

hi guys ! came from the bea...
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funat the summer

hi guys ! lol came back fro...
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Im Very Lazy To Write Anyth...
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well i gotta tell something...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

one direction

Posted about 6 years by cj luvs jb_1907934


one direction is such an awesum band!!!

Doctor Who

Posted about 6 years by lordofcake01_1976435


So, I recently watched A LOT of Doctor Who. So, I might have gone insane, just a bit. But I love to watch Doctor Who. Hope you ...

all about me

Posted about 6 years by natatlie


im blessed to be in this world i am spoiled i love my parents my dad is in the military i love my family also my fav color is p...

vampires suck

Posted about 6 years by ltj1999_2006412


wow that movie was so d--- gay cause a guy lady gaga was in there and edwerd had a moped how stupid is that and dont remind me ...

final destination 5 3D

Posted about 6 years by ltj1999_2006412


it was hecka awsome i loved it, it was so d--- goary you need to see it!!!!


Posted about 6 years by Vertigo_2009544


I made a new song. :)


Posted about 6 years by lexipoodah_1684098


Lmbo.! i just watched this dumb video 'bout the cinnamon challenge and this girl was freakin' hilarious.


Posted about 6 years by lexipoodah_1684098


What'z upp every1' igot a basketball game tma.....i hope we win.!!!!

its been a long time

Posted about 6 years by shayerhonda_1526442


well starting ninth grde nd l0vin it


Dogs, a man's best-friend they are also called. Why? Because they have helped us with so many things. They are more than...

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