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I'm so confused with litera...
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1st post!

Hey everyone! So today I'm ...
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People and there words

so this is just a little in...
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I love listening to songs! ...
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I love RP! It is the best! ...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

Crazy Long Day

Posted about 6 years by nelle11


Figure out the best friend like a new guy had a sub in 2 class (people were crazy) but TGIF EVERYONE


Posted about 6 years by miss.realchika'_2043627


If your'e fake please dont be bothered with me ,i dont have the patience for you or even tollerate it.Fakes are people who just...

baby sister

Posted about 6 years by colin04


my baby sister is fun


Posted about 6 years by dancypants


Hi! Ok, I am kind of new to this whole blogging thing so please comment on my post! Ok, I LOVE DANCE! Dance is my whole life, a...

Saraha ♥

Posted about 6 years by I ♥ Selena Gomez_1917332


Hello~ Okay, Before You Ask. Yes. I Am Like Obbsed With This Girl Right Here Im Hacking. She's Just So Wonderful And She Has Ju...


Posted about 6 years by colin04


AGED 8 u are a nice guy


Posted about 6 years by star414

Default girl

I really HATE when people sit there and be like i got your back but then another moment they like yea yea im not your best frie...

Love quotes

Posted about 6 years by kristian_loverJVL_2049629

Default girl

Without you my days are Sadday Moanday Tearsday Wasteday Thirstday Fightday Shatterday You raised me up so I could stand on mo...


Posted about 6 years by prisiegirl


jada is real friend she not fake and shes just and person dat i can tell stuff am glad i found u as a friend but u can be fake ...


Posted about 6 years by cecedare_2049544


omg! i love this site its like facebook! but my parents let me go on this cause its a kid site! and its only 13 more days till ...

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