Mom's Fashion Choice

Posted about 3 years ago by XxKimberlyLuvsYahxX_1885384
I was so excited when my crush asked me out on a date. My mom drove the two of us to the movies, where we had a BLAST. The movi...
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I Finally Find Him

Posted about 3 years ago by skylight225
I finally found the right guy he's really sweet and kind i blush when he calls me babe and i love him so much comment if you ev...
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Posted about 3 years ago by blueye
i love cowboys do you
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all the girls love

Posted about 3 years ago by Mr.Right10
i'm in me tv room with my mom an sis my dad is coming on sunday from the ja
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sad and mad

Posted about 3 years ago by emotrick
i am poed mi bf dumped me cuz i wouldnt say i loved him o well
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Here i am

Posted about 3 years ago by jerkinbrie
Im back, and i have nothin today today!! Today was the first day my football season. I cheer, but we didnt do to good but our ...
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hurricane irene

Posted about 3 years ago by carson1061ksm
i think it was caused by a mean chick i know
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Hair , Friends (:

Posted about 3 years ago by HannahTheMashMellow(:
Got my hair done today. It took a freaking long time these people are slow and I got burnt on my head. Gosh. I got my hair wash...
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My Perfect Life

Posted about 3 years ago by KrazyKatie13
Day 1 online Post 1..... about to make emma's account. nothing else to track yet.
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It was fun while it lasted

Posted about 3 years ago by SheiLaLa
OMG Just got back from a sleepover it was super fun goin back to school on monday boohoo me!
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